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Fierce Friday: Secret Weapon — Be a Top Heavy Girl

Fierce Friday: Secret Weapon — Be a Top Heavy Girl

I think every woman yearns for that perfect chest, but I'm not talking DDD's here, no breast enlargement, I'm talking about makeup. Specifically, eye makeup that puts all the emphasis on the top of the eye.  I haven't heard this term in years, so I thought I'd bring it back. With eyes in focus, your face is lifted immensely and you look just sexy cool.  To achieve this look, you have to say goodbye to lining under your eyes, and opt for lots of liner and lots of lash on top only.  Brows are also important for looking "top heavy".  Proper under eye concealing is also a necessity — consider it your lift, your underwire!

I love Kerry Washington's makeup style, and here she does the top heavy look on a modest scale. Notice her brows are groomed and that the rest of her makeup takes second place.  And Eva Marcille is gorgeous from any angle.  Her top heavy style is more about the faux lashes.  Love it!

Check out these steps to get your get your top heavy look!

1.  Conceal, conceal, conceal.

Eva Marcille at the 40th NAACP Image Awards (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images for NAACP)

This is the time to bring out the big guns.  I'm talking major coverage.  Moisturize under eye area.  After applying foundation (if you wear it) apply your concealer.   Starting with your inner eye, near the bridge, apply your concealer.  Use a concealer brush and extend the coverage under your eye to the outside corner of your eye.  Feather out toward the temple.  Blend, blend, blend, but do not rub your concealer away.

Try:  Make Up For Ever Full Coverage Concealer

Make Up For Ever Concealer


2.  Groom Brows

kerry washington brows

With your eyes being the center of attention, take time out to be sure your brows are in perfect shape.  If they are too full, get them shaped.  If they are too sparse, fill them in with a powder pencil that gives the most natural definition.  Confused as to what color to use?  Taupe is a universal color.  Even though my brows are dark, I use a taupe pencil on days when I need to connect my little strays that are growing in.  If you have dark hair, opt for a pencil a few shades lighter than your hair. 

Black brows are just harsh, unless you are Elvira.  Redheads, look for a medium brown with a slight reddish tint.  And if you are blond, please lighten your brows.  Blond hair and dark brows are a serious makeup blunder.

Try: IMAN Cosmetics Brow Pencil

Iman eyebrow pencil

3.  Lots O' Liner

Now is the time to be heavy-handed with your black liner.  As much as I downplay heavy lining for day, this is night drama, so go to it!  I prefer a waterproof liquid liner for the purposes of serious eye drama.  My favorite brands:

Black Radiance — best in budget!


4. Lash out!

Add several coats of mascara or go faux (lashes) for extra drama.  (See Eva above) My current favorites are Red Cherry and I pick them up from my local neighborhood beauty supply.  But you can also get Ardell from Walgreens or super glam lashes from Shu Uemura or Make Up For Ever.

There you have it ladies.  Get fierce!  It's Friday!

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