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Beauty News: The Face of Blinging Beauty’s ‘Manly Man’ is LA3 (Louis Allen III)

Beauty News: The Face of Blinging Beauty’s ‘Manly Man’ is LA3 (Louis Allen III)

I really don’t have to say much about Louis Allen III, better known as LA3–one look at him says it all.  What I can’t stop gushing about is that Allen has partnered with moi, (Blinging Beauty), as the one and only “Manly Man.”  Allen will be giving his fashion and grooming tips, reviewing skin and body care products, as well fielding questions from our readers.

 While most red-blooded women could care less about the fine print on Allen, (looking is just fine, he is fine), please take a few minutes to learn about this incredible guy who went from football to manly model.

About LA3:

LA3 The model in Heritage 1978 Spring Collection 2013 courtesy of Millennia Imagery LLC-The Launch-Signature Talent AgencyOne look at Louis E. Allen III and it’s clear why he is the model to watch. Piercing green eyes. Mocha chocolate skin. Abs that don’t quit. The gladiators of 300 can take a lesson…

A native of one of America’s toughest neighborhoods, Newark, N.J., Allen, like other young men with natural born athleticism, focused on football during his teen years.

Becoming a young father, however, altered Allen’s plans for playing football in college and he instead attempted modeling while attending community college and assuming his responsibilities as a parent.

With the body of a Greek God, looks that make women swoon and cause men to harbor secret jealousy, Allen’s physicality proved to be a double-edged sword in the modeling world. The fashion industry was not receptive to his muscular physique, he met with dishonest management, and wasted energy with dead-end opportunities.

Allen has reinvented himself. He now is his own brand--LA3-The Model (Louis Allen III). The green-eyed-mocha-brown gladiator has made appearances on VH1, worked with prestigious designers and photographers, and his star is still rising.

Allen prides himself on taking the long, honest road to success. LA3-The Model branded products are on the horizon and Allen’s website, showcasing his latest works and business ventures is launching.

 Like Allen’s professional Facebook when you click here.

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  1. Dana November 9, 2015 at 2:14 pm

    He is totally YUMMY!!!

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