Team 20/20 Product review: Reviva Labs Camphor Cleansing Milk and Camphor Lotion

Looking for a facial cleansing routine that is cool, refreshing, hydrating and gentle, right? Here's a effective budget friendly pick for your twenty something skin looking for a breather from pesky pimples.

If combating acne isn't stressful enough, try keeping those breakouts under control as an adult. Just thinking about it breeds another blemish. Reviva Camphor Cleansing Milk and Camphor Lotion gives us their answer to adult acne. Check out what we've found!

Here is the 411 on Reviva Labs Camphor Cleansing Milk:

• It is gentle & mildly stimulating.
• Does not leave lasting disinfectant order.
• Offers extra anti-bacterial action in a cleanser, yet treats the skin gently.
• Men with shaving problems or blemished skin find it beneficial.
Another simple formulation but carefully blended with imported camphor added for it's astringent and anti-bacterial properties. For very oily or blemished skin, It cleans deeply but gently. Does not "over-dry" oily skins as most of the general oily skin cleansers.
Based on our principal of not excessively "degreasing" or "defatting" oily skin (since so doing soon causes sebaceous glands to work harder). CAMPHOR CLEANSER is blended to work on dirt and infection only, without any chance of spreading the infection or bacteria.

My Results:
Admittedly, there was a mild concern of walking the streets smelling like an evergreen tree. Wouldn't you? Childhood memories of mosqito bites masked with chalky pink spots of campho-phenique sent an itchy chill through my spine. Fortunately, the scent, which is remarkably soothing, dissipates as Camphor Cleansing Milk dries leaving only clean, invigorated and strangely hydrated skin behind. Huge plus since one would imagine skin so dry it flaked like baklava…

On to the next!

Here's the 411 on Camphor Lotion Toner:
• For a great pick-me-up", try mixing one part Camphor Lotion to three parts water – dab on oily sections during the day. Don't rub and it won't disturb your makeup. I repeat, SO REFRESHING.
• Helps oily skins recognize that this should be a replacement for water – or at least a supplement to water, in one's daily cleansing routine..
• Apply directly to "break-out", using a Q-tip .
• Restores skin's healthy "acid balance" after cleanser.
• For blemished skin, it's our leading astringent.
For acne or oily skin, the very choice camphor in this imported formula offers important anti-bacterial benefits. After cleansing, helps restore skin's normal pH balance, as it fights the excess-oil condition and refreshes skin. Camphor also stimulates circulation which helps combat impurities. 

My Results:

This was a great toner for night time. During the day time by (used alone) there was a bit of sensitivity in the sun. Its very important to let the toner dry a good 10-15 minutes before applying other facial products.

One awesome tip Reviva Labs gave was to use the toner as a oil control/ makeup refresher throughout the day. An easier way than slugging around cotton swaps in your purse is to put some product into a travel size spray bottle. Now there's a nice little calorie free pick me up.

The Nitty Gritty
Reviva Labs Camphor Cleansing Milk and Camphor Lotion are great products, without a doubt! Paired with a weekly exfoliator, you are good to go. Interestingly enough, the camphor series can help with shaving irritations! With time, consistency and proper hydration your acne will be in headlock.

We Love, Love, LOVE the price of $8 (each) for 4 oz of product. Just think of what kind of cleansing product that $8 could buy at your favorite makeup store. This: A nice big bag of free samples…. Try Reviva Labs Camphor Cleansing Milk and Camphor Lotion. It is well worth your time and efforts!

Bling Factor:

Pro: Cleanses without stripping, vividly scented, helps control acne Cons: May be a tad strong for sensitive skin.

Price: $8

Buy Again: Yes

Packaging: 4 Blings

Overall: 4 Blings














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