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The Skin[ny]: How to Keep your Skin Fresh & Clear During the Stressful Holidays

The Skin[ny]:  How to Keep your Skin Fresh & Clear During the Stressful Holidays

Kathryn Khadija Leverette, Acne Specialist – Ethnic Skin Expert and owner of Clinically Clear Skin Rehab Center  in Oakland, California, shares her expert advice on how to keep your skin clear during the stressful holiday season:

1. To protect your skin tone and moisture level, avoid prolonged exposure to heat sources like hot ovens, fireplaces, space heaters, car heaters, etc.

2. Don't skip sunscreen, even on dreary, overcast days. UVA, the sun's longest rays, can penetrate the cloud layer, windows and windshields, darken your skin tone, and create dark spots and patches.

3. Stick to low lathering cleansers, especially if you feel tight and dry after washing your face, and moisturize dry areas more often.

4. At holiday dinners, so easy on sodium-heavy holiday foods like mac 'n cheese, turkey, stuffing, etc. Salt can aggravate your acne, cause bloating and raise your blood pressure.

5. Between those holiday parties and dinners, cut back on salty snacks, dairy, fast food and processed foods and drink extra water. This will help prevent under-eye puffiness, acne flare-ups and dryness.

6. Between every cocktail, spiked eggnog and glass of bubbly, drink a tall glass of water to prevent dry skin, water retention, dark circles, fatigue, hangovers and DUI's.

7. To shrink a random ginormous zit before a holiday party, don't pick! Rub with ice in a circular motion for two minutes to reduce swelling and inflammation. "Spot treat" the tip of the pimple with a tiny drop of benzoyl peroxide, let dry, apply a dab of clay mask over it.

8. You want to have fun, but try to get at least seven hours of sleep when you can. Sleep, or lack of it, will show on your skin.

You can find Kathryn Khadija Leverette on Facebook.

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