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Fierce Fridays

Fierce Friday: Secret Weapon—Show Some Leg

Fierce Friday: Secret Weapon—Show Some Leg

I am a dress and heels girl. I have been for years. I think that women look better showing a little leg.  With that being said, it's Friday, get fierce.  Show some leg. In three simple steps you can get lovely legs—exfoliate, shave and add shine. Check out lovely Alicia Keys — I love how […]

Fierce Friday: Secret Weapon–Bronze Glow

Fierce Friday: Secret Weapon–Bronze Glow

It’s spring and time to get rid of pale, blah, winter  skin. Your best way to boost your  glow is with the perfect bronzer. It’s Friday, so get fierce with bronzed glow! I love bronzer for spring and summer for more than a few reasons, mainly that bronzer is the ultimate makeup multi-tasker: 1.  Perfect […]

Fierce Friday:Secret Weapon — Glow like Alicia Keys

Fierce Friday. Wow.  I’ve covered so many ways to make it fierce that I was kind of stumped today.  That was until I started scanning the hot ladies of fashion and beauty.  One photo was of Alicia Keys from the BRIT awards and she was seriously glowing.  I’m not talking about shine from sweat or […]

Best of Fierce Fridays

I’m taking a break for a few days, but I don’t want to keep pace with my Fierce Friday posts.  In my very subjective view, these are the best to-date: Go Nude

Fierce Friday: Secret Weapon — The Blues

It’s Friday!  How are you going to get your fierce on? I have been inspired by Alicia Keys beautiful, classy and hot look at the AMA’s.  On the red carpet and while delivering her rocking performance, Alicia looked fabulous.  More than I can say about some other performers…. Alicia Keys Red Carpet 2009 AMA’s Getty […]

Fierce Fridays: Secret Weapon — Go Nude

Want all eyes on you?  Go nude. Eva does it.  Beyonce’ does it.  Rihanna does it. Monica Lewinsky made it hot!  I’m talking nude lips. Shiny, glossy nude lips will have all eyes on your tonight. I kicked and screamed when the nude lip came into fashion.  I hated it.  Particularly for women who had […]

Fierce Friday: Secret Weapon — Be a Top Heavy Girl

Fierce Friday: Secret Weapon — Be a Top Heavy Girl

I think every woman yearns for that perfect chest, but I'm not talking DDD's here, no breast enlargement, I'm talking about makeup. Specifically, eye makeup that puts all the emphasis on the top of the eye.  I haven't heard this term in years, so I thought I'd bring it back. With eyes in focus, your face is […]

Fierce Fridays: Secret Weapon — The Stiletto Strut

Fierce Fridays: Secret Weapon — The Stiletto Strut

Yep, it's Friday again, so what's in your arsenal for standing out in the crowd? Maybe your walk, gait or in this case — strut– can help you stand out from the crowd.  Now fist of all, you have to be a patron of towering shoes.  No flats, no kitten heels here.  I'm talking 3 […]

Fierce Fridays : Secret Weapon — Scent

“To attract men, I wear a perfume called ‘New Car Interior’” Rita Rudner Why is scent such a secret weapon? Well, one reason is that scent is memorable — good or bad.  Have you ever looked around a room or over your shoulder and mentally asked yourself, “Who is that????”  I’m sure we all have.  […]

Fierce Fridays — The Eyes Have it

An old adage says that the eyes are the windows to the soul.  That very well may be the case when you are engaged in a heart-to-heart, but when you are in the market for some instant attention — major eye drama is key.  Here are my steps for simple eye drama for Friday Fierceness. 1. Smolder […]

Fierce Fridays: My Secret Weapon– Red Lipstick

I know I have gushed about my obsession with red lipstick on many occasion on this blog. I have even written a great piece on the Power of Red.  But what you need to remember is that red is such a powerful color. So it’s Friday night, you want to go out, but you don’t […]