Fierce Fridays: Secret Weapon — The Stiletto Strut

Fierce Fridays: Secret Weapon — The Stiletto Strut

Naomi can WORK the stilettos…

Yep, it's Friday again, so what's in your arsenal for standing out in the crowd? Maybe your walk, gait or in this case — strut– can help you stand out from the crowd.  Now fist of all, you have to be a patron of towering shoes.  No flats, no kitten heels here.  I'm talking 3 inches minimum and working on 4.  Good news is that with a platform, you can easily get away with the 4 inchers.  Not to mention that platforms are add immense comfort.

Need shoe suggestions?  Check out my latest lust list:







Now, granted, not everyone will feel the need to learn such a skill in their life, but there are occasions where having the Stiletto Strut, Stroll, Sashay, Stride will be in great importance. My 12 year old daughter happened to master this years ago. With her footed-zip-front-magenta jammies on, she grabbed pair of uber sexy Stuart Weitzman black evening shoes with rhinestone anklet out of my closet and inserted her jammied feet. She proceeded to teeter through the house yelling my boisterous Raider game “YEEEUHHH!!". Her father shook his head in disbelief and asked me what kind of 2 year old was I raising. I responded that she would be every man’s dream woman. Stilettos and a love of pigskin.

At any rate, here’s my advice for mastering the Stiletto strut:

1. Be sure your shoes fit. The darn shoes are already tall, and usually not more than a few strings, so make sure they fit your feet.  You may want to start to learn your sashay in a lower heel and work your way up to the 4 inch plus variety.

2. Step heel to sole, delicately, ladylike. Repeat until you get to your bar stool.

3. Take shorter steps than usual. This gives you the serious sashay.

4. Stand up straight. Since higher heels tend to push the tush out and make breasts the center of attention many try to compensate by leaning forward. Resist this horrible posture – you don’t want to look like you are about to bite it.

5. Point toes straight ahead. This is no time for pigeon toes.

6. If you feel off balance, swing your arms slightly.

7. Keep your legs as close together as possible. Your mother probably told you this too.

Follow these tips for awesome ambling in your high heels. Oh yes, the same tips apply to either sex trying to master this art…

Okay girlfriends, work it.  Get FIERCE!  It's Friday.

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One Response to Fierce Fridays: Secret Weapon — The Stiletto Strut

  1. Elana November 12, 2009 at 7:07 am

    Fabulous tips! It’s all about the heel.

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