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Circumspect Sunday (repost): Beauty of Biblical Proportions

Circumspect Sunday (repost): Beauty of Biblical Proportions

I'm not as shallow as I purport to be.  Sure I love cosmetics, towering shoes and big hair — but that by no means defines my ideology of beauty.  I'm sure everyone has had interaction with that woman (or man) who was heaven to gaze upon — just walking beauty.  Their exterior was literally something […]

Budget Beauty Tuesday: IMAN Cosmetics Eye Defining Powder Makes Smokey Eyes Easy

Budget Beauty Tuesday: IMAN Cosmetics Eye Defining Powder Makes Smokey Eyes Easy

Do you have a hard time creating a smokey eye? Most people do and I suppose that's why there are a million smokey eye makeup kits, video how-to's and tutorials on Youtube.  As a makeup artist, creating a smokey eye is second nature to me, but even I love shortcuts.  And I found a great […]

Fierce Friday: Secret Weapon—Show Some Leg

Fierce Friday: Secret Weapon—Show Some Leg

I am a dress and heels girl. I have been for years. I think that women look better showing a little leg.  With that being said, it's Friday, get fierce.  Show some leg. In three simple steps you can get lovely legs—exfoliate, shave and add shine. Check out lovely Alicia Keys — I love how […]

Monday Means Makeup: My Lust List

It’s pretty much a sickness I have.  I can read about makeup and get all worked up. I can be in the deodorant aisle of Walgreens and find sheer contentment.  But I really get excited about newness.  Makeup that just makes you go ahhhhhh.  Any product junkies out there identify with me?  Well, I thought […]

Budget Beauty Tuesday: I’m Loving Olay

I know it’s Wednesday, but I have been sick for a very long time, and I lost my groove. So I’m playing catch up! I can’t believe it. I’m buying skincare products at the drugstore. I admit it. Me, the beauty snob, the skincare bootcamp instructor, I’m in love with a moisturizer that costs less […]

Budget Beauty Tuesday: Beat the Frizz with Garnier Sleek & Shine

I’ve said it before and I will say it again — I’m the poster child for big, frizzy hair. Without products that actually tame my fine, curly curly frizz, I might as well just go funky ‘fro. (Which by the way is my current state of tress…)  I do however have a segment to take […]

Budget Beauty Tuesday: Product Review Rimmel

I know it’s Wednesday, almost Thursday, and I’ve had a little bloggers’ block. But I’m playing catch up, so I guess I will chat up my latest and greatest budget beauty buy.  I am a mascara snob. I guess that’s why used pricey mascaras for so long.  That is until I discovered L’Oreal Voluminous. Well, […]

Monday Means Makeup: Cougar Makeup in 5 Steps

Not so long ago one of my BFF’s told me I should write a piece about makeup for “cougars.” I thought she was being funny, but she was dead serious.  She (like me) prefers her “fellas” a tad younger than her 50 years.  I’m not talking robbing the cradle, but considering statistics that women out […]

Circumspect Sundays: My Mom Was a Beauty

Celia Brown — 7/91936 – 6/29 2005. My mom was many things.   Some I didn’t like, we didn’t exactly have the best mother/daughter relationship, even though I was her only daughter– only child.

Fierce Fridays: Secret Weapon — The Stiletto Strut

Fierce Fridays: Secret Weapon — The Stiletto Strut

Yep, it's Friday again, so what's in your arsenal for standing out in the crowd? Maybe your walk, gait or in this case — strut– can help you stand out from the crowd.  Now fist of all, you have to be a patron of towering shoes.  No flats, no kitten heels here.  I'm talking 3 […]