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Tuesday Budget Beauty Buys

If it’s Tuesday, it’s budget beauty day! Woo hoo! I’m finally getting my priorities straightened out here. So here we go. Check out my most recent budget beauty buys. These are items that I have been using and they have cost me a fraction of prestige products.

Now, don’t get it twisted—I love all categories of cosmetic s. But with my recessisonista instincts in full effect, I can’t neglect the fact that if I save a few bucks here and there on my daily beauty products, that allows me to splurge on a pricier skin care treatment or even a spa service.

I have to share my latest spot for finding amazing prices on already great priced budget beauty products. If you have a Grocery Outlet in your town, you have to check it out. I am amazed at the bargains I find there. You will find top name hair products like Garnier, L’Oreal, TIGI and more. I love my buys on skin care – Olay, Almay, Garnier Nutritioniste, St. Ives and more. You can even find organic brands that are carried in Whole Foods. Every week is a new adventure and I leave totally satiated by spending a few bucks.

So here are my recent buys that I LOVE and use:

St. Ives Elements Oilive Oil Cleanser

St. Ives Elements Oilive Oil Cleanser

St. Ives Olive Oil Cleanser $2.49 (I got 2) Usually $7.99.

We all have heard about the benefits of olive oil. Well, in this cleanser you feel those benefits, even though I question how much olive oil is actually in the cleanser. What I love is that my skin feels clean and refreshed without feeling stripped. If you wear eye makeup, St. Ives Olive Oil Cleanser does a wonderful job at removing stubborn mascara and liner too.

Olay Definity Illuminating Makeup Remover towlettes

Olay Definity Illuminating Makeup Remover towlettes

Olay Definity Illuminating Make-up Remover towelettes $5.49 (I got 2 of these also!) Usually $11.99

Hands down, these are the best makeup remover wipes I have found. They are large and sturdy and do a decent job removing makeup, even mascara. I still put a little eye makeup remover on it to take off liner and mascara. Plus, Olay gives you 30 full size towelettes where are most brands only package 20-25 wipes. I’m lazy when it comes to night time cleansing, and these Olay Makeup Remover Towelettes make it easy to do the right thing. And a bonus is that they have anti-aging benefits. These towelettes work double-duty by adding a dose of Vitamin B3, C, E and B5.

Garnier Nutritioniste Daily Moistruizer SPF 28

Garnier Nutritioniste Daily Moistruizer SPF 28

Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti Sun Damage Daily Mositure Lotion SPF 28 $4.99  Usually $11.99, $10.00 at Amazon.

I thought finding this lovely moisturizer at WalMart for $11.88 was a deal, but I found it for $4.99 at the Grocery Outlet and I was super stoked. I use this moisturizer daily and swear by it. SPF 28, great moisture that is not sticky and my skin feel hydrated throughout the day.

Palmer’s Coco Butter Body Lotion SPF 15 $2.49

Now, I am a real fan of Palmer’s products. And to find that now they have a lotion with an SPF in it makes me very happy! In drugstores, this lotion retails for at least 6 bucks.

Revlon Renewist Lipstick

Revlon Renewist Lipstick

Revlon Renewist Lipstick $.99 Usually $6.99

I am a sucker for red lipstick and I found one that is the perfect fire engine red in the makeup bin at the Grocery Outlet. It’s #200, Red Reinvented with SPF 15. Plus it builds collagen! My double duty product yet again! Its moisturizing and at the same time lasts several hours without need of reapplication.

I give all the above mentioned products a generous 5 blings!  [flash w=100 h=50]

So that’s my wrap up for this week. Check back next Tuesday for my beauty bargains of the week.  Do you have a favorite budget beauty bargain?  Please share!

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2 Responses to Tuesday Budget Beauty Buys

  1. Aiden Thompson July 26, 2010 at 9:25 pm

    natural cosmetic is always the best thing that you can use on your face and body. ;.’

  2. Lynn November 19, 2009 at 5:23 pm

    I am always on the hunt for natural cosmetics and saying that they are a rare find is an understatement! I am curious about this Olive Oil Cleanser. I’m going to have to try it out. At that price, I can work with that too! :o) Thanks for this.

    My best, Lynn

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