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Product Review: Asebella Pampering Foot Cream—A Smooth Operator

Product Review: Asebella Pampering Foot Cream—A Smooth Operator

I have all these little quirks that make me a very special person  hard to deal with.  It's my OCD, which is really quite minimal and only pops up when certain matters that realy make the world of difference to me are concerned.  Like when my kids put the short stuff on the tall shelf in the refrigerator.  Or they put the seldom used spices on the shelf for the often used spices. 

So one of the things that cranks my OCD into high gear is yucky feet.  You've seen them — crusty, ashy, unkempt — they send me into foot fury.  And the people that have the nerve to expose their crusty feet to the world in sandals or Tevas or Birkenstocks just really irritate me.  I just can't stand rough feet.   Who wants to play play footsie with sand paper?  Not me.  I don't want my own feet touching each other if they are on the rough side.  That's why I am religious about buffing those puppies in the shower on the regular.

I also love a foot product that keep them smooth.  Recently I was introduced to Asebella, a skin, body and hair care product line that is handmade in small batches by a cosmetic chemist, Kevin Gross, who has put many years into perfecting his craft.  The product that I tried first was the Pampering Foot Cream

The details on Asebelle Pampering Foot Cream:

6 oz – Asebella's Pampering Foot Creme Treatment incorporates eucalyptus oil to provide a medical feeling to the tired, dry, cracked skin of your feet. Natural oils bathe your skin with rich emollients designed to condition the skin of your feet. Asebella's Pampering Foot Creme Treatment will have your feet feeling rejuvenated making them ready for another day of hard work, exercise or whatever your hard day brings them.

I was first awakened by the aromatherapeutic properties of this foot cream.  I LOVE peppermint and eucalyptus oils in foot cream.

Next I was impressed by the emolliency of this cream.  It was amazingly luxe, but at the same time melted into my skin without greasy residue.  YAY!  I hate greasy stuff on myn feet.  That whole thing about putting Vaseline on your feet and sleeping in socks doesn't work for me.  I much, much prefer a cream that penetrates and leaves my feet pleasantly pampered.

Asebella Pampering Foot Cream is the ideal product for keeping your feet in optimal condition.  And it's asexual — make sure your partner keeps their feet in prime pampered condition too.  16 oz for $16.99 is a bargain for a handmade product with top-of-the-line ingredients that works with incredible efficacy.

Bling Factor

Pros: Penetrates, really softens skin, small batches of great ingredients

Cons: None

Price: $16.99

Buy Again: Yes

Packaging: 4 Blings—I prefer a tube or pump

Overall: 5 Blings—This is such a great product, that the packaging differences I have don't even matter…

Post updated 2/22/2012

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