Weird Stuff I Tried This Week

I am always trying new cosmetic products.  I get an adrenalin rush when some new makeup or skincare product is perfectly yummy and useful.  Well, I had a couple experiments this week with some “different” products that left me rather lack luster.  As a matter of fact they were downright weird.

First was a cleanser that I thought was so nifty when I saw the label.  St. Ives Elements Protective Cleanser.  So what was all the excitement on my end about?  Well, the product claimed to cleanse and add an SPF of 10 at the same time.  Well, I’m all about double-duty products, so I bought it — it’s budget beauty afterall– and it was just too weird for me.  In theory, it’s a great idea; kill two birds with one stone.  But in real life, it was kind of creepy.  You know when you cleanse your skin you want it to feel clean?  That doesn’t happen with this cleanser, my skin felt like it had some residue on it.   And it makes sense when you consider that it is depositing and SPF on the surface of the skin.   I guess i’m of that “squeaky clean”era.  I want my skin to look and feel like I just did a thorough cleansing.  So I will stick to my SPF in my other products — tinted moisturizer, foundation and moisturizer.

(Ok, I went to find a picture of the St. Ives Elements Protective Cleanser online, and it wasn’t there.  Maybe there was a consensus about this product!) 

 St. Ives Elements Protective Cleanser gets one solitary bling.  [flash w=100 h=50]

I’m not a big fan of those “As seen on TV” products.  I gave into the hype and bought those green bags, the ones that are supposed to keep your fruit fresher longer?  That was a waste of money.  They didn’t work at all.  I swore that was my last “As seen on TV” purchase and it was.  (Even though one of my BFF’s swears by the Ped Egg)  But I was cleaning up my behind my daughter and saw that she had purchased the Smooth Away.  So, without permission, I started smoothing.  It was weird allright.  But to my surprise  the little smoothing pads actually worked and they didn’t hurt.  I noticed a small pad that was designated for “sensitive areas” or for facial hair.  So I tried that on my peri-menapausal whiskers, and it worked again.  It was all good.  I think Smooth Away even exfoliated  a tad bit.  Love exfoliation!


BUT, the next day when I got up, I had a bug ole pimple on my chin.  Don’t know if it was the Smooth Away, or if it was my hormones.  Also, I think that for longer lasting smoothness (huh?), a razor or waxing is a better option.  I deducted that the product just breaks the hair off at the surface, so you notice re-growth faster than you would with a 3-4 blade razor or with waxing.  I do think that for facial hair, it’s pretty nice.  What self-respecting diva wants to be in the bathroom mirror shaving with her partner?

Smooth Away gets 3 Blings  [flash w=100 h=50]

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