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Bad Beauty Habits: Myss Glam Pledges to Prep Her Hair For Bed

Bad Beauty Habits: Myss Glam Pledges to Prep Her Hair For Bed

Although I like to dole out beauty advice, I must admit I have a few bad beauty habits of my own.  It’s shameful, I know, but nobody’s perfect! Besides not removing my make-up sometimes after a long night, I'm also a frequent offender of forgetting to prep my hair before bed. If I’m really tired after a busy […]

What I’m Loving Now: Aubrey Organics NuStyle Organic Hair-Smoothing Serum

I recently whacked all my hair off. I don’t know if it was post mid-life crisis, my ADD or a combination of both, but I made the cut.  And it’s pretty cute.  Kind of Halle Berry-ish, but medium brown with blond highlights. Now, since I am having hot flashes on a regular basis, my hair […]

Fierce Friday: Secret Weapon — Big Hair

I have a penchant for big hair. I think it began when I first saw and heard Chaka Khan.  Even though I couldn’t sing a lick, I secretly yearned to be Chaka Khan, Chaka Khan, Chaka Khan. So, since I could only sing into my lotion bottle and live vicariously through my Rufus LP’s, I […]

Budget Beauty Tuesday: Beat the Frizz with Garnier Sleek & Shine

I’ve said it before and I will say it again — I’m the poster child for big, frizzy hair. Without products that actually tame my fine, curly curly frizz, I might as well just go funky ‘fro. (Which by the way is my current state of tress…)  I do however have a segment to take […]

Chopped — Short Sexy Hair, Now Ciara

Not so long ago I wrote about women taking the plunge and ditching their long locks for the freedom of short hair.  Halle chopped her hair and returned to her signature pixie cut and other celebs have followed suit.  Many of my friends have gone the way of short and sexy hair as well.  Now […]

Frizz Factor — How to Tame Unruly Hair

I’m the poster child for damaged hair.  My foray into killing my hair started in high school.  My best friend and I didn’t have a clue about how to use our Sun In. But we sprayed and went about our teenage giggling and whatever else teenage girls do.   All of a sudden Judy looks up […]

Short, Sexy, Sassy Hair — Just Look at Halle Berry

Short and sexy hair! So the new trend with so many African American women, celebrities included, is to lose the locks!  Freedom from the weave, the wig, and fear of swimming.  Just look at Halle Berry.  I LOVE her with short hair.  I’m a 50+ woman and I think Halle is the bomb. In my book […]