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Frizz Factor — How to Tame Unruly Hair

big-frizzy-hairI’m the poster child for damaged hair.  My foray into killing my hair started in high school.  My best friend and I didn’t have a clue about how to use our Sun In. But we sprayed and went about our teenage giggling and whatever else teenage girls do.   All of a sudden Judy looks up at me and screams at me, “Your hair is orange!”  We wash it out and I have orange skunk stripes.  Not to mention that my hair felt like a Brillo pad.

Not much has changed today.  I still change my hair color frequently.  I used to fly almost daily for work, so I had them  totally confused at TSA – on my passport I had jet black china doll hair, on my license big blonde hair, and my in person hair was reddish brown with highlights.  Factor in that my hair is naturally curly and frizzy and I’m a walking disaster without the benefits of conditioner.  Since high school, I have learned my lessons, and I have a love affair going on with conditioner.  I mean all kinds of conditioner — deep conditioner, leave in, rinse out, sprays, masks, daily — you name it, I use  it.

girlsWith that being said, I have to make a plug for one of my favorite hair lines — Phytospecific.  If you put your hair through the ringer like I do, you owe it to yourself to use this product line made specifically for textured hair.  My favorite product is the Moisturizing Styling Balm.  A luxurious plant based cream that melts into your hair protects and re-energized lifeless locks.  This line is plant based (hence the name Phyto=plant) and chemical free.  Even the relaxer is formulated with soy and eggs.  It is pricer than your beauty supply products, but your hair will thank you.  Everyone that I have turned on to this line has seen an immmediate and long lasting change with their hair.  With three levels of hydration choices, you are able to customize your regimen.

If your hair needs a miracle and you have the bucks to shop this weekend, enjoy 15% off by using my favorite source for Phytospecific.  Code at check out is CAVIAR and expires on Monday July 20, 2009. 

Happy De-frizzing!


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