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Best Budget Eyeliner

I am an eyeliner freak. I have extolled the virtues of eyeliner more than once in this blog which is pretty new.   I mean, come on, eyeliner is the equivilant to veggies on the food chart.  There are no less than a gazillion eyeliners on the market now, and I am such a fan of cream eyeliners it is shameful.  My favorite is Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner because it has such great consistency, wearability and a gorgeous color selection.  I love the eyeliner in the MAC Style Warrior collection photo.  But you know if I showed up in some makeup like that, my friends would have me committed, and I would be stripped of my Beauty Guru status…

MAC Style Warrior Collection

MAC Style Warrior Collection

However, I am not a makeup snob.  I shop for makeup anywhere makeup is sold.  So, on a recent WalMart expedition, I was stocking up on my budget beauty buys and found this cream eyeliner from Black Radiance.  For $3.48 I figured if I hated it I could pawn it off on one of my daughters as a gift.  OMG!  I only bought black and I should have stocked up on every single color they sell.  How do I love thee… Let me count the ways…

1.  Price — under $4 with tax.  Less than a latte.

2.  Comes with the perfect little brush.  Most little tools are useless, but this one has perfect bristles and shape for easy lining.

3.  Truly Creamy! Glides on.  No tugging.  A novice could apply this liner in a snap!

4.  Long wearing! I would venture to say it is actually water resistant.  They don’t make that claim, but I do.

I give Black Radiance Cream Eyeliner 5 Blings! [flash https://blingingbeauty.com/5teeth.swf w=100 h=50]

Give up the goods!  Do you wear eyeliner?  What’s your favorite?  Share!!

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