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Fierce Friday: Secret Weapon — Big Hair

Chaka Khan circa 1975

Chaka Khan circa 1975

I have a penchant for big hair. I think it began when I first saw and heard Chaka Khan.  Even though I couldn’t sing a lick, I secretly yearned to be Chaka Khan, Chaka Khan, Chaka Khan. So, since I could only sing into my lotion bottle and live vicariously through my Rufus LP’s, I made a pact with myself that one day I would have big hair.

Diana Ross photo courtesy of

Diana Ross photo courtesy of

Thinking back on it, significant women in music have pretty much always had big hair.  Think about Diana Ross; some of the biggest hair I have ever seen.  Maybe Chaka was trying to outdo Diana’s hairdo. I think I will call them hair divas. And maybe that big hair thing is genetic, just look at Tracee Ellis Ross.  Her hair is voluminous and tres sexy.


Tracee Ellis Ross

Today, there are more hair divas.  Beyonce’ is the queen of big hair. And I must admit, she wears it well.  Even Rihanna’s hair is big, albeit short. In  view of the trend of musical women sporting big hair, I have come to the conclusion that men must love copious amounts of hair on women.  Heck, I’m a woman I love all that hair on women.

With that said, clearly then, big hair must be an accoutrement that breeds fierceness.  Today is Friday, and it’s it’s all about getting fierce.  So go for it ladies, get big hair– get fierce.

Beyonce' Getty Images

Beyonce' Getty Images

How do you get big hair?  For me that’s usually just letting my hair do it’s own thing, or getting a weave, but there are more mainstream ways to achieve big hair glam.  Ted Gibson, celebrity hair stylist, is well known for his big-hair know-how.  I can’t tell you how relieved I was when I saw him replace Nick “chop chop” Arrojo on What Not to WearTed Gibson knows that women want to look and feel sexy, and he produces.  Just look at Gabrielle Union.  And that unbelievable hair redo on Kate Gosselin.  Whoaaaaa.  That was nothing short of miraculous.

Gabrielle Union, extensions by Ted Gibson

Gabrielle Union, extensions by Ted Gibson

Anyway, I found an interview with Ted in the LA Times that included his step-by-step instructions for getting big hair.  Check it out:

Pump it up

To get fullness, start at the root. First, cleanly divide your hair into five even sections (hair can start wet or dry). Then apply a volumizing product to the scalp where each section is divided. Gibson favors his own product, called Build It. “It’s about building volume without the weight.”


Ted Gibson Build It

Next, apply a light, controlling gel all over the hair. Gibson uses two or three pumps of Aveda’s Phomollient styling foam, then combs through the hair with his trusty Mason Pearson brush. “Brushing the hair after applying these products will help distribute the product evenly.” Blow-dry the hair until it’s about 80% dry and then finish by pulling the ends under using a round brush. “This helps get volume from the scalp.” He uses a medium-size round barrel brush on Jolie, Hathaway and anyone with hair that hits from the chin to the clavicle. For shorter hair, use a small barrel.

Roller baby

Ted Gibson Beautiful Hold

Ted Gibson Beautiful Hold

Once the hair is completely dry, it’s time for the hot rollers, which should be really hot. Wrap 2-inch sections of hair around each roller until you look like a ’50s housewife. Leave rollers in for 10 to 15 minutes, or until they are completely cool. After taking the rollers out, the curls should be more like waves than ringlets. Then spritz a light hair spray all over the head. It should be a “working” hair spray, which means one that doesn’t get sticky or stiff, allowing you to keep working and building volume. Gibson recommends his Beautiful Hold hair spray.

So there you have it ladies.  It’s Friday.  Get Fierce.  Get big hair!

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