Monday Means Makeup: FINE The Basics Of Beauty

I have been a makeup artist for many many years, and I really thought I had seen and heard it all. But recently I purchased Sam Fine’s DVD, FINE the Basics of Beauty, and found that there are a few “little” things I can do for myself and my clients that will contribute to a more seamless makeup application.

When Sam says “basics”, he means basics. But, they are basics that most of us probably overlook.   This video is not about smokey eyes or trendy makeup looks. Sam is not selling products or brands.  (Even though I’m such a product junkie that I readily recognize several products he uses.) Rather, he shows how women can perfect their face with just a few steps and tools.  I love it!

He first shows us the necessary tools for basic application. Then he takes us through the basics with three different models of different ages and skin tones.  From perfecting eyebrows to concealer application to perfecting foundation to the perfect nude lip, Sam simplifies the steps so that everyone’s “basic” makeup looks looks far from basic!  After each look is completed, Sam then shows how to bump-up the look by simply adding the right gloss or liner.

I love that this is a video as opposed to a book.  You actually see Sam while he works on his non-model models.  (Who end up looking like world-class models when he is done!)  While this is a video for women of color, any woman who need the basic skills of makeup application can benefit from the steps Sam shows.

Rather than going out and buying new makeup, invest your next $30 in FINE The Basics Of Beauty.  I’m sure this DVD will become your most cherished item in your makeup arsenal!

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One Response to Monday Means Makeup: FINE The Basics Of Beauty

  1. Tiffany January 26, 2010 at 4:31 am

    He’s a great makeup artist.

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