Product Review: TheBalm Plump Your Pucker Lip Gloss-Cherry My Cola

Product Review: TheBalm Plump Your Pucker Lip Gloss-Cherry My Cola

I bet you can’t say this five times fast: "Plump Your Pucker." I can promise that you will get tongue-tied while saying "Plump Your Pucker"  five times in a row! While I was digging around in my goody box of products to review, I came across another lip plumper with a cute name: theBalm Plump Your Pucker Lip Gloss in Cherry My Cola.

Does your pucker need plumping ? Mine doesn’t. Even so, I put Plump Your Pucker to the test for 36 hours. I've noticed within the last few days, my co-workers have asked what type of lip gloss I was wearing. 

I asked a friend to watch my lips to see if she could tell the difference Cherry My Cola. I started to feel once again a minty cool fresh tingling sensation immediatley after applying, Within 5 minutes of being on "Diva Lip Duty"  my co-worker informed me by saying very candidly that my lips were slightly plumper in volume around the bottom of my lip and my lips did appear more full. (Although I was serious I couldn't help but laugh.)

The Claim for The Balm
Plump Your Pucker:

Plump Your Pucker offers a variety of lip glosses that promise to make lips appear fuller. Plump Your Pucker Lip Balm products are manufactured by The Balm Cosmetics . Plump Your Pucker is formulated with Vitamin C and Menthol. These ingredients work to hydrate the lips while stimulating them to make them look fuller. The ingredients increase circulation in the lips that helps to remove fine lines and wrinkles while increasing fullness.

My Conclusion:

After trying out the last of my plumpers, I have concluded that I am adding Plump your Pucker to my list of favorites. I am slowly getting used to the minty fresh tingling sensation the lip plumper provides. I noticed that with constant sipping and snacking it's impossible for a gloss to last all day.  But, the plumping action does last!  So, if your lips need a little fullness added, Trying Plump your Pucker is the ideal way to make them luscious with out breaking the bank.  

Bling Factor:

Pros: Natural nude color, not sticky or gooey, plumped my pucker!

Cons: The gloss itself didn't last long

Price: $15.00

Buy Again: Maybe–If I seriously needed a lip plumper!

Packaging: 4 BlingsSleek tube, fits nicely inside purse

Overall: 4.5 Blings—Delivers on promises

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