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What I’m Loving Now: Essence Multi Action False Lashes Mascara

What I’m Loving Now:  Essence Multi Action False Lashes Mascara

It's no secret that I am a mascara fanatic.  I even recently admitted to the Twitter world that the one and only item I ever stole (on a dare, and immediately returned) was a tube of mascara.  Not a proud moment in my life by any means…

I have a love affair with one mascara in particular, but I have no problem cheating on my beloved mascara.  To that end, I am consistently trying new mascaras.  After all, a girl can never have long enough eyelashes or too many pairs of shoes.

The most recent budget mascara I tried is Essence Multi Action False Lashes Mascara.  Take note: using this mascara will mos def get you some action.

Here is the claim for Essence Multi Action False Lashes Mascara:

Now you can achieve an ultimate false-lash effect without false lashes! How? With the new multi action false lashes mascara by Essence!
The innovative formula creates extremely long, thick lashes and unbelievable volume – an absolute must-have for parties or everyday use.
I have a checklist of criteria that my mascara must meet:
  • Lenghthening
  • Thickening
  • Volumizing
  • Curling
  • Does not flake
  • Does not make my lashes hard and crunchy
So how did Essence Multi Action False Lashes Mascara stack up?  Amazingly well for a mascara that only costs about $3.50!
Upon opening the tube, I knew I was onto something pretty darn great.  The wand is perfect—a full head that tapers off at the end—perfect for a lush application.  The tapered end of the wand makes it easy to pull the outer lashes out their full potential. 
The first swipe of this mascara that claims to produce a falsh eyelash effect was a little slice of heaven.  Being a veteran of mascara application while driving/in the dark/while _________ (insert anything), I knew that this mascara was looking fab without even looking in the mirror.  After fully coating my eyelashes with this Essence mascara thoroughly (one coat) I check the mirror.  WOW!  My normally straight lashes (all that Indian blood), were lifted, thickened, long and super black.  

So, I went for the gold.  I added another coat of this marvelous mascara.  And my lashes only got lusher.  I tend to like rather trashy lashes, so I stopped with the second coat, before I became a hybrid of Michael Jackson and Tammy Faye.
Essence Multi Action mascara has actually taken first place for my mascara must-haves. I love it.  Essence mascara met all my criteria.  And then some.  I'm happy. Well, I was happy.  I lost my tube of mascara and other various precious makeup necessities while in NYC for Fashion Week.  The upside is that it wasn't like losing a tube of $30 designer mascara.  I can easily replace this perfect lash enhancer for less than the cost of a latte.  

Bling Factor:

Pros: Lengthening, volumizing, curls, doesn't flake, super black!

Cons: None.

Buy Again: Yes!

Price: $3.49

Packaging: 5 Blings

Overall: 5 Blings

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