Product Review—Hair: White Sands Gel-Us

Product Review—Hair: White Sands Gel-Us

As with most choices I make in life, I’m pretty black and white. I love it or I hate it. I’m all in or I’m all out.

When it comes to beauty, it’s the same. Either I’m full on glam girl, or I’m hiding behind a pair of oversized sunglasses wearing only lip balm and sunscreen. I’m religiously adhering to my skin care regimen, or I’m sleeping in makeup like it’s the key to eternal youth.

And it’s the same with my hair. It’s either full on mega-faux-blond weave (or variations thereof) or it’s in a ponytail.

On days when I have opted for a ponytail, my main concern is frizz control. So over the years I have employed a plethora of gooey gels, pasty pomades and super-slick serums to hold down my frizzed-out curls.

For review purposes, I was sent White Sands Gel-Us to try out. And so I did.

Here are the claims for White Sands Gel-Us:
Gel-Us allows 100% of the entire product to work synergistically in styling and conditioning to provide hydration and shine unlike any gel out there. With hair now in a perfect moisture balance after using Gel-Us, each cuticle layer is closed to eliminate frizz, improve texture, repel moisture and provide volume.

My results:

I was a little wary of the consistency of Gel-Us. When I think of gel, I think of thick, Jello-textured goop that glues my hair down pretty much for the next few days. However, Gel-Us is more of a liquid formula gel.

After applying Gel-Us, I had my doubts that my hair would lay down and obey, but it did. The great part was that it wasn’t as hard as a helmet! Also, a little bit went a long way.

The best part is that when I combed out my hair, it was not stiff. As a matter of fact, my curl pattern was intact, and my hair was free from the usual flakes that show up after using those hard stiff gels.

I LOVE Gel-Us. It is definitely my go-to gel for my lazy “all out” days.

Note: I have fine, curly hair. This product may not be the best choice for coarser textures.

Bling Factor: 
Pro: Holds with out being heavy or sticky, no flakes, moisturizes hair
Cons: None
Buy Again: Yes
Price: $15
Packaging: 5 Blings – Love the bottle that stands on either end, enables using all the product
Overall: 5 Blings

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