Product Review: Arcona Magic Pink Ice Review

Product Review: Arcona Magic Pink Ice Review

I envy the glowing, flawless skin of stars like Jill Scott and Paula Patton, and would love to achieve it myself. But having acne prone, oily and sensitive skin makes it very difficult to say the least.

I often swing between skin cleansers that are too drying (and suffer dry patches and eczema as a result), or products that do absolutely nothing to balance my skin throughout the day (causing excessive oiliness). Arcona Magic Pink Ice Hydrate AM/PM is the solution to my problem.

About Arcona Pink Magic Hydrate AM/PM:

Arcona Magic Pink Ice Hydrate AM/PM is a daily hydrating gel moisturizes deep within the dermis without clogging pores, to protect against environmental damage and leave skin fresh and dewy.

No only are all Arcona products cosmeceutical grade ingredients, but they boast small batch production (for optimal quality) Arcona also cold-processes all of their ingredient to maximize each products effectiveness.

The first thing I noticed about Arcona’s Magic Pink Ice is the scent. I could definitely detect the notes of cranberry & grapefruit. The scent is natural, refreshing and fruity. The dispenser pump is simple and is dispenses an adequate amount. The first couple of days I needed two pumps, but with ongoing use, I was delighted to find I needed less product on my skin.

Arcona Magic Pink Ice Hydrate AM/PM is a true moisturizing and hydrating gel. From the moment I applied the lightweight moisturizer I could feel the difference! My skin felt immediately smoother and softer. Not dry or heavily moisturized. The gel absorbed quickly and my skin continued to look both smooth and balanced (not oily/shiny).

Throughout the day I continued to do an “oily face check” and I found my brown skin looked very natural and balanced with almost a “dewy” look (again, NOT oily). My skin continued to to stay soft and supple. I love this product. A bonus is that not only can you use this during the day, but also at night and/or overnight.

The only thing to take issue with is the price. At $38 a bottle, this is definitely more of a splurge item. I give Arcona Magic Pink Ice Hydrate AM/PM 4 Blings!

Bling Factor

Pros: Simple to use, does not clog pores or cause acne flare ups.

Cons: Price is a bit high

Buy Again: Yes, as a splurge item. Would consider buying in October when 25% of the purchase price goes to

Price: $38

Packaging: 4 Blings— Although nothing in particular stands out about the bottle. Arcona Los Angeles uses 100% recycled & recovered paper. Environmentally conscious & socially responsible packaging is a plus!

Overall: 4 Blings

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