Beauty News: imPRESS Nails Launch with Nicole Scherzinger

Beauty News: imPRESS Nails Launch with Nicole Scherzinger

Tabs, foils and falsies—think you’ve seen it all with nail products? Well, this Spring, Broadway Nails (by Kiss Products) are introducing the latest game changer to the beauty market!

imPRESS nails are the ‘press on manicure’ of today: simply match the size of the nail to suit you, remove the adhesive tab, press on to your natural nail and you’re ready to rock!

No need for fiddly foils or gloopy glue – imPRESS nails are the fastest way to fashion forward fingers! What’s more there is no drying time, a superior lasting shine that looks just like a manicure, and nails that last up to 7 days! In fact, a certain A Lister was so ‘imPRESSed’ with these little beauties, that she’s happy to put her name to the new range.

Ex-Pussycat Doll, sexy solo artist, talent show judge and soon-to-be silver screen starlet, Nicole Scherzinger just loves the range of 24 styles from the USA’s number one artificial nail brand!

“A woman’s nails are a great way to express her individuality and unique style. I have people asking all of the time where I get my manicures and now the secret's out…Broadway Nails imPRESS!” said Scherzinger.

Check out some of the styles in the imPRESS nails collection: 

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