I’m Bringing 50 Back

What’s so bad about being 50? Or, should I say, what’s so bad about being a woman at 50. Well, there’s plenty I could complain about, but I won’t. Instead, think about the beauty of 50. So, I’m bringing 50 back. Sing it in your head. You know the song, that cute little Justin Timerlake, I could probably be his granny, but you know what he said. I’m bringing sexy 50 back. YEA! Those younger chicks don’t know how to act. Yea! Are you down with the song now? So keep that in your head if you are 50 and fierce. 50 and fine. If you are a 50 phenom I’m talking to you. If you are an aspiring 50 phenom I’m talking to  you.

I’m fighting aging like the plague.  So my advice is to all my 50 something sisters is — keep your chin up. I mean it. Don’t give into that jiggly, saggy turkey neck. Gross! Just don’t go out like that.minineckliftbefore

1. Use your treatments and moisturizers on your neck too. You don’t have to buy a new cream for your neck, remember your neck is an extension of your face.

2. Prevention is half the battle. Your first line of defense is daily sunscreen use. If it’s light outside, there’s sun. So slather sunscreen on your neck and décolleté too. (I know you are using sunscreen, don’t let me have to scold you). You don’t have to spend your life savings either, brands like Neutrogena offer plenty of options without breaking the bank.

Skinceuticals Vitamin C Ferulic

3.If your chin is swaying in the wind, a results oriented treatment is in order.. A topical Vitamin C serum can stimulate collagen production. Check out SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic

4. If drastic action is needed, there are lasers that your dermatologist can recommend that will tighten things up. And if all else fails you can go under the knife for a mini lift.

Keep it tight ladies.

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