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Lust List: NARS, Peter Thomas Roth and Ouidad

I love fall.  Fashion is spanking new and so is makeup. With that being said, there are a gazillion beauty goodies out now that I really, really want.  As a matter of fact, I need them.  It’s hard to nail down, so no doubt there will be an updated lust list next week, but in […]

Product Review: Relastin Eye Silk

I am absolutely obsessed with eye creams. At any given moment throughout the day, you can probably spot me dabbing something around my eyes, and most recently that has been Relastin Eye Silk. (I don’t tend to use products as recommended)  If everything else on my face falls apart, I will have smooth tight eyes […]

I’m Bringing 50 Back

What’s so bad about being 50? Or, should I say, what’s so bad about being a woman at 50. Well, there’s plenty I could complain about, but I won’t. Instead, think about the beauty of 50. So, I’m bringing 50 back. Sing it in your head. You know the song, that cute little Justin Timerlake, I […]