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A Cookie That Won’t Make You Fat

Not so long ago, I did a poll of my friends and readers about thier one can’t-live-without beauty product. Well, it was a pretty close time between lipgloss (numero uno) and lotion, a close runner-up.  Well, that made me realize that I really do love lotion.  The simple fact that I use four variations everyday bears that out.  I have a firming lotion for my thighs, butt and tummy.  Then I have a hair-minimizing lotion for my lower legs.  Then I have another one that is enriched with cocoa butter for my feet and elbows.  And if I’m bearing my arm, I have a lotion with SPF 15.  On top of that I have a scented body cream that I use to make myself smell yummy. Well, I found one awesome body cream that single-handedly replaced all the above.  And I smell like I just came out of the oven.  (You know for some weird reason love that fresh baked smell.)  Carol’s Daughter Almond Cookie Shea Soufflé is one of the yummiest body creams I have come into contact with to date.  Made with shea butter, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil and jojoba oil and scented with almond, marzipan, sandlewood and musk, you litterally smell good enough to eat! bathnbody While all those ingredients may seem that heavy, this body cream is light and melts into your skin.  The good news is that Almond Cookie Shea Soufflé is paraben-free and formulated with our petroleum, mineral oil and artificial color.  YAY! Available in 4 oz for $13 and 16 oz for $30 Carol’s Daughter Almond Cookie Shea Soufflé gets a whopping 5 blings! [flash w=100 h=50] You can purchase Carol’s Daughter at Sephora, and at Carol’s Daughter online and stores. Go ahead and get the cookie that won’t make you fat!

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