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How-to: Get the Perfect Pout

How-to: Get the Perfect Pout

If you want to make sure your makeup turns heads, then it's worth taking time to perfect your pout. Rather than simply applying any old lipstick and hoping for the best, here are a few things to consider if you want to make sure that your lips look fabulous all night long.

Carefully consider the lipstick color which you are planning to use as different lip shades tend to work best with different skin tones and hair colors. If you've just booked a salon appointment online via sites such as plan to dye your hair a shade of bright red before a big night out, then it might be better to steer clear of pale pink or orangey hues when it comes to your lips. Think ahead and consider which shades will work best with your outfit if you want to lips to compliment the rest of your look.

Start by exfoliating your lips —try exfoliating balms which make this an easy task. Then, you will need to moisturise your lips using a basic lip balm—avoid those which are tinted, as you will be adding colour later.

For extra definition to your pout,  line your lips using a lip liner the same color as your lips. This step gives you a good guideline when adding color. You can also add definition to your cupid's bow by dabbing a small amount of concealer above the center of your upper lip and blending.

If you tend to get dry lips, then opt for a moisturizing lipstick. Some people find that they are able to get a more professional look by applying lip color using a lip brush. Blot your color and reapply if necessary. Finish with a sheer and non-sticky lip gloss to create an even more glamorous and perfect pout. 

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