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Product Review—Makeup: Benefit Cosmetics Sun Beam

Product Review—Makeup: Benefit Cosmetics Sun Beam


When I attended the Benefit Cosmetics Hello Flawless Foundation launch at the San Francisco store on Chestnut Street, I had a professional mini makeover by one of their artists. (Oh the perks of being a beauty blogger!) At the event, I was introduced to Benefit Cosmetic’s Sun Beam, a golden bronze complexion highlighter.

My makeup artist matched my Hello Flawless foundation color on the first try and made a light application. She then applied Sun Beam. Since I’ve used bronzers but not a highlighters, she briefly explained the difference between between bronzers and highlighters. Bronzers can be worn all over the face (and body) for a fresh glowing tanned look.

Highlighters, on the other hand, are used specifically for “highlighting” specific areas on the face (or body). Kim Khardasian & Jennifer Lopez “J. Lo”are known for their glowing skin and make up and use of highlighters, and I wanted in on the look!

About Benefit Sun Beam:

What it is: A golden bronze complexion highlighter.

What it does:
Consider this liquid sunshine in a bottle. This golden bronze highlighter gives you a natural, sunkissed radiance. Dot and blend over makeup onto cheek and browbones for a bronzed glow that complements all skintones.

The Sun Beam Golden Bronze Complexion Highlighter bottle resembles a nail polish bottle and applicator. The makeup artist brushed a little bit directly onto my skin and blended. I immediately saw a subtle yet beautiful and natural glow appear.

My hazelnut brown skin was absolutely aglow! A subtle highlight makes all the difference. As you can tell I really love Benefit Cosmetics. Sun Beam Golden Bronze Complexion Highlighter is now on my list! The golden color reminds me of the GOLD of my hometown’s San Francisco 49ers!

I give Benefit Cosmetic’s Sunbeam Golden Bronze Complexion Highlighter 4 Blings.

Bling Factor:
Pros: Pretty easy to use, gorgeous glow
Cons: Its nail polish type applicator is a bit awkward for me.
Buy Again: Yes
Pricing: $26
Packaging: 4 Blings— Once again the applicator took a little getting used to.
Overall: 4 Blings

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