The Blinging Bride: How to Write a Thank You Note

The Blinging Bride:  How to Write a Thank You Note

It's inevitable that any bride will have many thank you notes to write—engagement gifts, shower gifts and wedding gifts all necessitate a hand-written thank you note.  

While the ease of sending an e-card may seem attractive, a hand-written note is a personal touch that creates a lasting memory.

Try these suggestions for writing your thank you note in style:

♦ Practice your writing a few times before putting the pen to the branded “Thank You” stationery. A lot of people write by hand so infrequently, that it takes time to adjust to a pen.

♦ Use an ink that stands out against the color of your stationery. It will make your words capture all the attention. For example, if the printed message is in black ink, use blue.

♦ Include a bit of conversation by asking about a loved one, recalling a memory or saying something nice about the gift you received.

♦ Sign off with your first name, not your full name or business signature, for a warm and friendly finish.

♦  Add some personality to your note with the new Parker Ingenuity Collection ($160-$190). Ingenuity Pens write as fluid as a fountain pen, smooth as a rollerball, and adjust to your own writing style for a beautifully scripted note that has your personal touch.

Pick up your Ingenuity Pen and don’t just say thank you, write it!

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