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Get Me Across the Pond: #Brit Beauty Contest with Afrobella & Strength of Nature

Get Me Across the Pond: #Brit Beauty Contest with Afrobella & Strength of Nature

I have a special affinity for the Brits—The Queen’s English, their incredible wicked, wry wit, Idris Elba, and, of course there are those scones that feed my carb addiction… Did I mention Idris Elba?

At this point in time, however, I have a special opportunity to travel the London with Patrice of Afrobella, on behalf of Strength of Nature, as they debut their entire hair care product portfolio at the 2013 Afro Hair and Beauty Show in the UK.  And, that is giving me an added interest in all things British.  Well, most things British.

afrobella brit beauty contestWhy on earth do I want to embark on the journey across the pond to attend an afro hair show?  I’m not known as a natural hair blogger, yet, I have been a  natural hair girl most of my life, albeit, it’s most often under a weave or in a ponytail .  On top of that, I’m really not well-known as a “black beauty blogger”, although I am a black woman with 35 years of beauty experience who is a well-known niche beauty blogger. And that bugs the heck out of me.  I want to be known and accepted by my “peeps.”

Is that such a horrible thing? I think not.  And I think that taking this trip with Patrice will give me the opportunity to up my ante in the world of blogging and prove my credibility in the black blogosphere. I also think that I would prove a great service with my quirky, honest, integrity-filled viewpoints.

Not to mention my real life experiences of extreme peels (my esthetics background) behind-the-scenes anecdotes (makeup artist) and quirky ability to quickly recognize the brand behind most beauty packaging instantaneously.

 What I most love about British style, is that they are trendsetters without really trying.  From the runway to real way, the British rock style like none other.  Well, maybe with the exception of Black girls…

Here are my favorite 5 current beauty trends for Spring 2013 with a British twist:

1. Trend:  The Pompadour

From beautiful British Actress Thandie Newton

Lovely Thandie has of late let her hair go natural, which, for her , is a head of voluminous curls. Seeing her take those curls to new heights with a Pompadour that hails back to the English Edwardian era (post Madam Pompadour) is simply stunning.  Like any other actress whose hair  is subject to constant styling for either the set, or the red carpet, keeping her hair in optimum condition is a must.

Thandie Newton pompadour layout 2

A product like Mega GrowthAnti-Breakage Strengthening Growth Crème is a hair product that in turn the everyday woman can use to keep her hair in shape, despite constant handling and styling changes.

2.  Trend: Bold Eyebrows

Like Brit Model Jourdan Dunn

A beauty trend that’s here to stay, bold eyebrows, were prevalent on the runway for Spring 2013 Fashion Week in London.  Makeup artist  Lucia Pieroni using NARS, performed minimal sculpting for Jourdan Dunn’s brows for Christopher Lane.

Bold Brows Jourdan Dunn

Try Brit brand Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil in Black Brown to achieve a similar look.

3.  Trend: Graphic Black Eyeliner

An exaggerated cat eye is the norm now for British divas like Leona Lewis, Adele and Estelle.  The eyeliner trend from winged-out cat eye, to eyeliner of lengths  exaggerated is as prominent on the runway as it is for street wear.  Here we have three versions of this architectural take on liner.

trend graphic cyeliner

4. Trend: Metallic Nail Polish

butter LONDON has taken Fashion Week(s) around the globe by storm.  It’s not just their “brilliant” nail lacquer names, but it’s their artistry in creating looks for each and every designer show for which they are present. Not every look created by them is a creation that takes 5 polishes and the skills of Di Vinci to recreate.  Simply fabulous colors as seen back stage like  butter LONDON Bobby Dazzler (available in Summer 2013), make it easy for nail minimilasts like me to stay “trendy.”

Metallic nail polish trend from Butter London

5. Trend: Nude-to-brown eyeshadows

Makeup artists know that a palette of nude, brown, cream and tan eyeshadows can work magic on any face, any skin tone and for any look—minimal to full-on drama.  Many designers kept their runway models in nude shadows with emphasis on sculpting the eye and the cheek while keeping skin glowing and brows full.  This is one of the easiest fashion week looks for any woman to add into their portfolio of makeup looks.

London spring beauty trend brown  and nude eyeshdows

My attempt at a mini pompadour:

Get me to LONDON!!!!

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