Product Review—Hair Care: Nene’s Secret P.P.P–Pretty Perfect Pudding

Product Review—Hair Care: Nene’s Secret P.P.P–Pretty Perfect Pudding

My natural hair has reached that awkward stage/length. Wash-and-go’s yield nothing but single strand knots for me right now.  I’m not too keen on heat styling at the moment, and I hate sleeping in rollers. So. my go-to style has been a twist-out.

In order to retain moisture and length while wearing my twist-outs, I have been using the  liquid, oil, and cream method for my hair.  (LOC)   Recently I tried using Nene’s Secret P.P.P–Pretty Perfect Pudding for my cream, with pretty great results.  First, here are the details about PPP.

Here are the details about Nene’s Secret P.P.P–Pretty Perfect Pudding:

Nene's Secret PPP Pretty Perfect PuttingP.P.P. ~ Perfect Pretty Pudding (8 oz)

My perfect, pretty styling aid for all your natural styling needs. So perfect and pretty that it has my multi-textured family calling me the “Queen of Curls & Coils”. Enriched with natural ingredients in My Secret Recipe ™, this product is excellent on all curly, coily, and wavy hair textures.


My Secret Recipe ™ has conditioning ingredients that add curl length and makes them last longer.

Super moisturization and the end to curl shrinkage.

Eliminates frizz and provides curl control.

Strengthens curls and adds super shine.

My results:

Here is the process:

Immediately after clarifying my hair with shampooing  (to ensure that there was no product left in my hair), conditioning, and thoroughly rinsing I applied the curl pudding to towel dried hair.  I then two strand twisted my hair.

My twists came out nice!

chelsea hair twists Nene's Secret PPP Prety Perfect Pudding LOC twist out

I let my hair dry over night and here are the results. Defined curls with great hold.

chelsea nene's secret PPP product review for blinging beauty

Bling factor:

Pro: Product comes in a nice size jar,  definitely got a defined twist out, and my hair did retain moisture.

Con: It did make my hair feel a little crunchy, although I think that I may have used too much product. Will update the post on my next try.

Price: $8,99

Buy again: I will update this after my second use

Packaging: 4 Blings–Packaging is cute! It’s my favorite color, pink!

Overall: 4 blings.

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