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pn_transitional_galley Do you love to cook?  I do.  I can lose myself in the kitchen.  I’m a fan of the Food Network, and I can easily do the “30 minute meal” thing if necessary.  However, I much prefer the attention to detail and the love that goes into a sumptuous meal.  I’m thinking Mario Batali or Michael Chiarello.  It’s the planning, picking the perfect ingredients, the preparation, the actual cooking, the plating, and the presentation.  And, of course, that look of satisfaction that shows on the faces of those who have eaten to their heart’s delight.

I believe the same ambition can be shown when planning a romantic evening with the one I love.  Now, I am not above throwing on a pair of sweats as I microwave popcorn, throw in a DVD and bat my eyelashes, (30-minute meal).  However, on occasion, I think it’s important to raise the bar to a spectacular meal.  That’s when the Recipe for a Romantic Evening comes into play.


3 Piece Online Recycled Wine Bottle Candles

3 Piece Online Recycled Wine Bottle Candles

Preparing for a romantic evening entails two phases.  First, there is the personal planning – you,  physical person.  Second, you need to set the mood for the surroundings.  So I know that in personal planning, grooming is key, and a little alter ego like Brigitte is always a good thing to bring to the table.   Beauty goodies play into the grooming, and Brigitte emerges after a few glasses of champagne.  As far as the surroundings go, consider lighting a few lots of candles for a romantic ambiance; and you may want to make the bed. 


  I love 3 Piece Online Recycled Wine Bottle Soy Candles.  There are so many romantic evening scents available –LOVE made with vanilla, cassia and frankincense essential oils, HUG made with  geranium, chamomile, and jasmine absolute essential oils andKISS made with sandalwood, ginger, tangerine and patchouli essential oils. 

Carol's Daughter Almond Cookie Scrub
Carol’s Daughter Almond Cookie Scrub

Her personal shopping list of “ingredients”:

Carol’s Daughter Almond Cookie bath and body products.  For some strange reason, men love the scent of vanilla, in particular baked goods.  Check out the Almond Cookie line.  Start with the Sea Salt Scrub — This delightful recipe of sea salt blended with avocado, jojoba and wheat germ oil, naturally exfoliates for super supple skin and a healthy glow. This sophisticated scent captures the sweet essence of almonds blended with marzipan and enticing, warm accords of sandalwood and mists of musk. Almond, lemon, sandalwood and vanilla, tapioca pearls and apple slices.

 And finish with Almond Cookie Shea Soufflé — This luxurious formula is light and fluffy like a soufflé, but moisturizes skin with the intensity of a butter. It’s packed with natural butters and oils to effectively nourish and hydrate dry, parched skin for a soft and velvety appearance.

I’m sure you will be nibble worthy after your bath time!

2.  Get Glowing

Liberally apply Nuxe Sublimating Golden Dry Oil EVERYWHERE!  This is the final touch for seductive glow on.  The micro golden particles add a subtle sheen to the skin.  It illuminates the areas of the body that you want to draw attention to – décolleté, shoulders, and legs.  Add some of this oil to your hair as well; it adds subtle highlights and smells appetizing too.


His personal shopping list for “ingredients”

1.  Smooth Operator

Don’t you love when his skin is baby butt smooth?  That scraggly, I-haven’t-shaved-in-two-days look may work in the movies and when you’re camping, but not for a romantic evening. This is no time for exfoliation.   Have him check out Zirh SCRUB reduces the appearance of blemishes and blackheads by eliminating surface toxins and neutralizing excess surface oil. Also works to remove dead skin cells from your face. Leaves your face refreshed, refined and super-clean. A wake-up call for your skin.   

2. He makes scents

 In addition to looking good, he has to smell good.   I love Jean Paul Gaultier’s Le Male.  A warm, woody scent that is all man.

W ith your planning and shopping done, you just have to do your prep work.  That means luxuriate in the bath and hop out before you reach prune status and put all your “ingredients” in the mix.   Get your big hair going, spray perfume, apply red lipstick, and put on your slamming stilettos.

I think this is the perfect recipe. And after all that preparation, you may not even want o cook.  Not in the kitchen at least.  All you have to do is wait for that look of satisfaction.





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