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Friday Fix — Recipe for a Romantic Evening

 Do you love to cook?  I do.  I can lose myself in the kitchen.  I’m a fan of the Food Network, and I can easily do the “30 minute meal” thing if necessary.  However, I much prefer the attention to detail and the love that goes into a sumptuous meal.  I’m thinking Mario Batali or Michael Chiarello.  It’s the planning, […]

Smooth Operator — Top 5 Exfoliators

I commonly get mistaken for being at least a decade younger than I am. I’m 52, but don’t look it.  I’m sure that I need to thank my parents for the DNA, because they both look(ed) younger than their years.   Those that know I am in the beauty business ask what I use, advice, tips and […]

Budget Beauty — Best Lip Balms Under $5

 We are in the throes of summer and layering on the sunscreen should be a given.  But do you think about protecting your lips with an SPF as well?  Lip balms with SPF are a perfect addition to your skin care must-haves.  Not only will you keep your lips in soft kissable condition, but protect […]

Budget Beauty Bling — Top 5 Budget Beauty Favorites

 We have all been affected by the economy.  I have had to tailor my beauty budget to my actual budget.  They never seem to balance, but I really don’t care.  I’m an avowed beauty junkie and with that being said, I have made some adjustments.  So now I have budget beauty bling.   There are a […]