Fierce Friday: Secret Weapon — Go Faux (Lashes)

false-eyelashesAs much as I love mascara, I love faux lashes even more. I just can’t see to get them on straight any longer.  (52 has it’s downside)  Anyway, there is no better way to get fierce than to slap on some lashes and bat your way to the front of the line at the club, get served at the bar or mesmerize Mr. Hotness than with some serious lash glam.

Now, false eyelashes are nothing new.  They have been around forever. Remember Twiggy before ANTM fame? She rocked upper and lower lashes and made them look like it was the thing to do.

Twiggy photo courtesy of

Twiggy photo courtesy of

Can you imagine Oprah without her lashes? I don’t really want to think about it.

Oprah photo courtesy of Getty Images

Oprah photo courtesy of Getty Images

And what about J-Lo (who recently has become more of a J-No) in those mink eyelashes.  Do you think she had PETA folks trying to rip her eyes out?

J-Lo photo courtesy of

J-Lo photo courtesy of

How to apply false eyelashes:

1. The first and most important step is to start with clean eyelids. The adhesive will not stick to oil, so be sure to use an oil-free eye makeup remover.

2. Next, choose a color and length. For a natural look, stick with a color that matches your own lash shade. There are brown lashes available, but to why bother?  Just use black lashes.  You can try individuals on just the outer corners of try full strip.  There is a style for every woman on the planet, even your fantasy girl! (Ru Paul suggest cutting your strip into 2-3 sections for easier application!)

Ru Paul photo courtesy of

Queen of lashes Ru Paul photo courtesy of

3. Dip each lash into lash glue (I use Duo, MAC makes great glue too) and let it get tacky before applying to lash line.

4.  Then apply with a pair of tweezers to your upper lash line. Use glue sparingly and wait a minute or two for each lash to dry. Start at the outer rim and work your way to the inner edge of your eye. Then repeat on the other side.

5. Once the glue is dry, use your eyelash curler to gently curl the false eyelashes along with your natural lashes.

6.  Apply black liner to give a seamless look between lashline and false lashes.

Sephora lash kit

7. Finish the look with a touch of mascara to meld your own lashes with the false lashes.

Now there are soooo many options now with lashes it’s crazy.  Check out Make Up For Ever and Shu Uemura to seriously lash out.  Otherwise your local drugstore or neighborhood beauty supply has plenty of lashes from which to choose. Sephora even has a nifty little lash it with everything you need.

And if you are false eyelash challenged as I am without my glasses (and how can you get them on without your glasses????) there is always that fabulous L’Oreal Voluminous mascara.

And please avoid Tyra’s false eyelash don’t!

Tyra photo courtesy of

Tyra photo courtesy of

It’s Friday. Get Fierce!

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