New Year, New You? Or Maybe a Little Beauty Tune-up Will Do!

Major women’s magazines are telling us “out with the old and in with the new”; that we need major overhaul because it’s a new year. Maybe it is a new year, but do you really want a new you? I maintain that last year’s model is pretty darn good, though a little tune-up may get my motor purring like new.


Sure, I could shop till I drop for a new wardrobe, cut, color and change my hair, or plunk down the equivalent of a down payment on a two-seater foreign import or a plastic surgeon, but I think that’s pretty extreme. My hair is in great condition – nothing that a flat iron, comb and brush won’t cure. And as far as that plastic surgeon is concerned – I’d rather have the two-seater. So with that in mind, I’ll take care of my own maintenance.

You may want to do the same. Take time to consider where you may need maintenance. My tune-up is focusing on two main areas – above the shoulders and below the shoulders. I’ve got to conquer the jiggle factor. My neck is starting to get that jiggly turkey thing. I have examined it from every angle in the mirror and the jiggle has to go. I’m sure it’s only obvious to me and my high powered mirror with 10X magnification, but if only in my mind, it’s there.  So that’s my first area of concern — the neck. And considering that hot flashes are giving me that dewy look even when I’m not really in the mood for dewy, turtleneck sweaters are not an option.

Second area of jiggle concern– thighs. I won’t even get into that scenario. But, if I use my gym membership in conjunction with some miracle jiggle stopper stuff, summer swimsuit shape is a possibility. Since I am a bit obsessed with magic potions, aka beauty products, I have decided to apply my preoccupation with eye creams to conquering the dreaded neck and thigh jiggle.

Here is my list of anti-jiggle stuff that I’m trying for the next 3 months:

For my neck:

Dr. Brandt Laser Tight

Dr. Brandt Laser Tight

Dr. Brandt Time Arrest Laser Tight $85

The Claim:

* firms, lifts & tightens skin

* helps prevent sagging

* hydrates and adds fullness to the skin

* recaptures a youthful appearance

Strivectin Neck Cream

Strivectin Neck Cream

Strivectin Neck Cream $90

The Claim:

The delicate skin of the neck and décolletage can really reveal your age. So, why not keep them guessing with this neck-nurturing treatment packed with all the lifting, shaping and refining benefits you’d expect from StriVectin. Now you can say ta-ta to “turkey neck” once and for all.

For my thighs:

Bliss Serious Seaweed Cellulite Soap $38 for 3


Bliss Seaweed Soap

The Claim:

Not only will the seaweed base (and bumpy face) stimulate anti-cellulite lymphatic action, the thought that you’ve spent time rubbing it, will hopefully keep your will-power from ‘flubbing it’.

Bliss Slim City Set

Bliss Slim City Set

Bliss The Slim City Set $75

The Claim:

With the pro-strength slimming ingredients of our most famous firmer and her muffin-top-targeting ‘middle’ sister, and the massage merits of our slimulator, this trio adds up

So that’s my tune up for 2010. Nothing too major, just adding one daily treatment to my facial routine, a weekly mask to work on the neck area, and a soap and body cream for the thigh jiggle. That doesn’t seem too daunting and I think I can stick to it. Oh yes, my supplements for inner beauty. And my Ginko Biloba to help me remember to take the supplements.

spanx-main_fullAnd when all else fails, I have every style of Spanx on standby.

What’s your tune up going to be for 2010? Do you have concerns that need the attention of a beauty mechanic? Let us know! All feedback is welcome.

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