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Blinging Events: Kiss the Curves

I’m a curvy girl — always have been, always will be. Granted my curves are a bit more than they used to be. Oh well, I’m 52 and earned every inch of my curves.  At any rate, I’m extremely proud to be associated with an event that is all about the curves.  One that celebrates the curvy girls of the world — not the stick-straight-need-a-steak models that are consistently featured in fashion mags.

So, if you are in The Bay, or simply want to appreciate a dose of Curvy Fashionista, the must-do event of the 2010 is Kiss the Curves!  It’s all about plus size models and fashions for ladies size 12+. And I say, ABOUT  TIME!

I will be part of the crew — beating faces and having a great time being part of the atmosphere.  And I’m going out on a limb here — Be there or be square!  Get it?  Curvy, square….


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