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Bad Hair Day? Rock a Cap!

Bad Hair Day? Rock a Cap!

So it's quite a relief to know that even hotties like Halle Berry and Rihanna rock a cap now and then. And with their signature hair cuts, we all know the cap is not really for a fashion statement.  Does the expression bad hair day come to mind?  Hmmmm….. Check out paparazzi shot of Halle […]

Rihanna in Norway: I Don’t Get Her Look

So Rihanna, appeared in Norway on the show Skavlan yesterday. I like that Rihanna takes risk with her fashion, her style.  But sometimes she leaves me wondering, “what on earth???”  Well, this appearance on Skavlan is one of those occasions. She is as cute as ever, but I’m not getting this outfit she has on.  […]

Blinging Events: Kiss the Curves

I’m a curvy girl — always have been, always will be. Granted my curves are a bit more than they used to be. Oh well, I’m 52 and earned every inch of my curves.  At any rate, I’m extremely proud to be associated with an event that is all about the curves.  One that celebrates […]

Fierce Friday: Secret Weapon — Thigh High Boots

Stella McCartney Boots photo courtesy It’s Friday!  Time to get your fierce on! One of the trends this fall that’s blazing hot is thigh high boots. LOVE THEM!  I actually have a few pair on my lust list.  (Waiting for the after xmas sales…)  So why thigh high boots?  You can most def wear […]

Emerald City — Green is the new Black in Makeup and Fashion

As much as I love color, I am pretty much a bore with my personal color palette for dressing. Black, black and more black.  Throw in some grey, some white and occasional red or pink and that’s it.  Over the years I suppose I adopted the basic black uniform that makeup artists tend to wear.  […]

What’s up With the Afros at Louis Vuitton?

I love afros. In my high school graduation portrait, circa 1975, I called myself rocking a ‘fro, but in retrospect it was pretty pathetic. My hair is soft and my afro never really stood up and saluted like it should have. I was quite envious of my cousin, then a student at UCLA whose Angela […]