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Blinging Makeup — Rock & Republic

You’ve worn their jeans, now wear their makeup. Rock & Republic has the hottest, sexiest most worthwhile makeup on the planet right now.  Okay, I’m more than a little excited obviously.  I was a virgin to the line until last week when an awesome “counter girl” hipped me the line which features blinging compacts and pigment overload.  OMG, I’m in love.  Of late I have had an aversion to spending too much money on makeup, but R&R has changed my attitude.

Why I love Rock & Republic Makeup:

Rock & Republic Contrived Blush (Kinky)

Rock & Republic Contrived Blush (Kinky)

1.  Intense pigment.

Makeup artists are obsessed with color. So when a makeup line knocks it out of the park with off-the-hook color, we are sold.  The first thing I noticed at the R&R counter were the large pans of blush.  I was reminded of the colors that CARGO started with years ago (but discontinued, poo).  The Rock & Republic blush colors showed on my brown skin as they show in the pan.  YAY!  What that means is that you are getting more bang for your buck — more pigment, less filler.  I know the average person can get scared when they see hot pinks and bright oranges as makeup choices, but know this — these colors brighten the skin and punch up the life on your face with a simple swipe!  These intense pigments are ideal for dark skins that tend to absorb color.  I love the large pans because guess what?  My makeup brush actually fits inside the entire pan.  Hello????  Check out my favorite blush colors below:  Immoral, Kinky and X-Rated all with a matte finish.


For those who are feeling a tad bit of trepidation with the bright colors, know that these gorgeous blushes are aslo available in translucent and shimmer finishes.

Rock & Republic Tinted Illuminzer

Rock & Republic Tinted Illuminzer

2.  Minimalism

When I say mimimalism, obviously I’m not talking the bling bling packaging of R&R, but the streamlined line itself.  There aren’t a gazillion products that you have to figure out.  Just the basics that work — primer, illuminzer, powder, blush, bronzer/highlighter, liner, shadow, mascara and lipgloss.  I’m loving the Tinted Illuminizer in Roxanne which is perfect for my medium/dark skiin tone.  My daughter of deeper tones is rocking Cleopatra.

• Lusciously smooth texture dissapears into skin leaving behind a luminous glow.
• Contains light-diffusing polymers and oil-absorbing properties.
• Instantly leaves the complexion looking luminous, fresh, and younger looking.

1.0 fluid ounce.

Rock & Republic Bronzer/Highlighter Swarovski Compact

Rock & Republic Bronzer/Highlighter Swarovski Compact

3.  Bling Bling baby.

I think that Rock & Republic has taken the spotlight from Chanel for blinging packaging. There has always been that status thing of taking out an over-priced lipstick or compact and flashing the logo to impress irritate all onlookers.  The refillable  bronzer/highlighter compact encrusted with Swarovskii Crystals is most def ka-ching bling, priced at $225, but I’m thinking this has to be considered an investment — it will be a collector’s piece one day.  Oh, and you get a kabuki brush with the compact.  That makes you feel better doesn’t it?

The bronzer is one color that fits all, but you can choose the highlighter that fits your skin tone best.  Light to dark — Villa, Private Jet or Penthouse.

R & R Bling Compact2110_villa_l_t2110_private_jet_l_t2110_penthouse_l_t

Rock & Republic is Ka-ching bling at it’s best and deserves 5 Blings! [flash w=100 h=50]

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