What Happened to Classic Beauty?

Dorothy Dandridge

Dorothy Dandridge

I just dont’ know what happened to classic beauty. Remember the hollywood women of yesteryear? OMG they were beautiful. Classic with a little bombshell thrown in. Lena Horne, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Dorothy Dandridge…Those women had no need for fake faces, fake boobs, fake tans, fake hair, fake eyes and gaudy excess. Oh sure, a little makeup —  powder, eyeliner, rouge and lipstick — that was it, and their beauty was breathtaking.

I’m sure I don’t always epitomize classic beauty and most of that can can be accredited to my impulsivity with my hair. Orange skunk stripes in high school, going from back-grazing locks to one inch naturalness in college, asymmetrical hair (thanks Pep) in my 20’s to my mid-life crisis blonde hair not so long ago — none of that hair was classic. When I’m not acting out in an ADD moment, I do strive for classic standard of beauty.

Today it’s half-shaved heads, leave-nothing-to-the-imagination get ups, rainbow bright multi-color braids, bozo bling and distended bellies hanging over the tops of jeans  two sizes too small. Combine that with too much eyeliner, too much attitude and today’s generation is a far cry from classic beauty.


Rihanna at Met Costume Gala 2009


20090519_rihannabeauty11Rihanna is the poster girl for edgy fashion right now.  Granted, she is a gorgeous and could indeed be a classic beauty.  But her fashion sense ideology will not stand the test of time for classic or timeless.   I wonder when she looks at pictures of herself 30, 40 years from now what will she think?  What will her grandchildren say?  “Hey granny, what was that big poof on top of your head?  Why do you have big poofs on your shoulders?  Was 2009 the year of the poof?”

I realize that women, we are prone to do weird stuff to our hair after an episode of emotional turmoil, particularly after a break up with a man.  How many women go and chop their hair after they chop boyfriend, husband, whoever?  Or, in the case of Kim Kardashian, you go from raven hair to bleached tresses with the addition of a few extensions for good measure.

I think we need to teach our daughters the value of classic beauty.  That we don’t have to go to extremes to enhance our beauty.  Girls wearing makeup at 10 years old is just ridiculous.  In this time when one child dies from starvation every five seconds, isn’t it our responsibility to teach them that Less is More?

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