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Fierce Friday Mashup: Get Banged, Go Nude and Be a Top Heavy Girl

Fierce Friday Mashup: Get Banged, Go Nude and Be a Top Heavy Girl

Since my creative juices seemed  to have dried up today, I think it's perfectly appropriate that I do a mashup of my personal Fierce Friday Favorites. And here they are in no particular order…

1.  Get Banged

Naomi Campbell

Get your mind out of the gutter. I’m talking hair. I’m talking about rocking ferocious bangs.  It’s Friday so change it up.  Get fierce.  Rock some bangs. While I’m not one to follow trends (I pride myself on doing my own chic thing) I happen to love bangs.  As a matter of fact, I have worn various versions of bangs over the years, with my favorite being blunt cut bangs that graze the eyebrows.  Now that’s hot.  (Say it with a little Paris Hilton in your voice)  But, being in that phase of my life when personal summers may attack at any given moment, my bangs most often give way to a fringe of frizz.  Not cute.

2.  Go Nude

Want all eyes on you?  Go nude. Eva does it.  Beyonce’ does it.  Rihanna does it. Monica Lewinsky made it hot!  I’m talking nude lips. Shiny, glossy nude lips will have all eyes on your tonight.

I kicked and screamed when the nude lip came into fashion.  I hated it.  Particularly for women who had small lips, the nude lip just made them look like they had all face — no lips.  Not at all pretty.  Plus most of the original nude lip colors were matte, and they were way too beige and just plain ugly.

When makeup artist Denise Markey gave Monica Lewinsky those shimmery nude lips, Club Monaco lip gloss sales skyrocketed.  Women from 8 to 80 were trying to get those hot lips.  Or maybe they were fantasizing about Bill…

3.  Be a Top Heavy Girl

jennifer hudson

I think every woman yearns for that perfect chest, but I’m not talking DDD’s here, I’m talking about makeup. Specifically, eye makeup that puts all the emphasis on the top of the eye.  I haven’t heard this term in years, so I thought I’d bring it back. With eyes in focus, your face is lifted immensely and you look just sexy cool.

To achieve this look, you have to say goodbye to lining under your eyes, and opt for lots of liner and lots of lash on top only.  Brows are also important for looking “top heavy”.  Proper under eye concealing is also a necessity — consider it your lift, your underwire!

It's Friday! Get Fierce!

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One Response to Fierce Friday Mashup: Get Banged, Go Nude and Be a Top Heavy Girl

  1. Lynx Garcia January 5, 2013 at 12:33 pm

    or maybe they were fantasizing about Bill….lmaooo Oh Tracey I love you and this blog <3

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