Ask Tracey: How Do I Determine the Shape of My Eyebrows

One of my blog readers recently asked a question on the Ask Tracey section of Blinging Beauty. Here is her question: From Tanya Q.

How does one determine what shape eyebrow is better suited for their face. For instance I have a round face. Should they be thick, thin, squared, arched. I don’t know.

Well, Tanya, that is a great question. I am an eyebrow fanatic.  I only trust my eyebrow shaping to Alresa at Cloud Nine.  And I really hate bad eyebrows.  Recently I told a woman she had "sperm eyebrows".  That was pretty rude.  But the fact was that she had a fat piece in the front and then a line drawn on.  They looked really bad.  But, I showed her how to shape them and she was quite pleased. First of all, for face shapes, this is the guiding information for eyebrow shape: The younger you are, the fuller the eyebrow you can get away with.  As we age we need less brow with more height.  Madonna is a classic example of change her brows with her age.  In 1987 she sported a thick bush brow, but it worked for her.  Today, at 50+, we wouldn't catch Madonna with such a brow.  Not only are her brows thinner, but they are also lighter, which is another factor for brow color as we age. madonna-eyebrows


Madonna April 28, 2010 Getty Images So, how do you pick your brow shape? Well there is a lot of this thing going around with putting a pencil up to your face and dividing it into thirds, blah, blah, blah.  But that's rather cumbersome if you ask me.  So here's my take: traceys-eyebrow1.  Your brows should begin or line up at the inner corner of your eye. 2.  Your highest peak, or arch should be above your pupil.  From that high point they should make a 3.  From that high point, they should make a "tail" that ends parallel to the end of your eye. Check out my perfect eyebrow to your left. The rounder your face, the higher your arch should be.  It sort of balances out all that roundness and pulls the eye up.  If your face is thin, then a thinner would suit your face and not overpower your features. Here are some exaggerated brows that can seriously use taming:michell-obama-new-hairfergie-eyebrows Fergie can get away with the grossly high arch, because it sort of suits her persona as a performer, but frankly overly arched brows can look plain scary.  Just think of Cruella… The First Lady, Michelle Obama has pretty high arches.  But I refuse to be disresepectful… And some brows that I think are perfect: halle_berry_new_short_pixie_haircut2591


Notice that Halle Berry's eyebrows arch right above her pupil and end at the end of her eye.  Halle is in her40's, so her brows are a bit thinner and lighter than they were when she was younger.  Megan Fox has gorgeous brows, but due to her youth, she can rock a fuller brow. Here are some tools to help you acheive your perfect brow.  If you are a completely dumbfounded, you can invest in stencils.  The eyebrow queen who does Oprah's brows, Anastasia has some great kits. anastasia-brow-expressAnastasia Brow Ex-press $38 The Brow Ex-press palette is the ultimate travel kit for creating flawless, Hollywood eyebrows anywhere. The kit contains all brow essentials: four perfect brow stencils created by Anastasia to suit various brow shapes and styles (stencil results vary from face to face due to different bone structure and hair growth, no two brows will ever look the same); two brow powders in your range (blonde or brunette) to custom blend the most natural brow color; an angled brush for clean application; cream highlighter for application along the brow bone to lift and accentuate the eyes; and wax cream created to hold a perfect shape all day. Or you can save a few bucks and get this little kit from Wet n Wild that I use ALL THE TIME, and it's only $3.99 at drugstores. I hope that helps Tanya!

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