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Bling Out Your Brazilian Wax: Try a Jewel-zilian

You get regular bikini waxes. You may even get regular Brazilian waxes. So why not take your wax job to the next level? Bling it baby! Okay, okay. So, unless you are on the fast track with what’s hot and not in the world of waxing, you may not know about this dandy little service […]

Ask Tracey: How Do I Determine the Shape of My Eyebrows

One of my blog readers recently asked a question on the Ask Tracey section of Blinging Beauty. Here is her question: From Tanya Q. How does one determine what shape eyebrow is better suited for their face. For instance I have a round face. Should they be thick, thin, squared, arched. I don’t know. Well, […]

Best in San Francisco Bay Area Beauty — “Browsing” in Oakland

Welcome to a new feature of my blog — Best of Bay Area Beauty. I have been giving much thought to how I can support others in my industry, in particular female entrepreneurs.  I love a great beauty treatment and my standards are pretty high.  So when I have fantastic service from a wonderful person, […]