Bling Out Your Brazilian Wax: Try a Jewel-zilian

wax_mhYou get regular bikini waxes. You may even get regular Brazilian waxes. So why not take your wax job to the next level? Bling it baby! Okay, okay. So, unless you are on the fast track with what’s hot and not in the world of waxing, you may not know about this dandy little service that encrusts your nether region with crystals.

blingheartOn my last eyebrow waxing appointment, Alresa, owner of Cloud Nine and the Brow Lounge in Oakland, told me about her new service’s — the ” Jewel-zilian” or the ” Jewel-kini“. Says Alresa, “For the Jewel-zilian, the client can take it all off or leave a strip. And I’ll add the Austrian crystal appliqué to the bikin area. The Jewel-kini, is a regular bikini wax, that I’ll add the crystal appliqué to.”  So you can do a cute little heart or choose another shape.

Getting married? That’s a nice little surprise for the groom! But, you can get the Swarovski crystals added for any occasion.
The price for the Jewel-zilian is $65, and the Jewel-kini is $35 at Cloud Nine and the Brow Lounge.

No, I haven’t been blinged down below yet.  But when I do, I will mos def write about it.

Cloud Nine
Neighborhood: North Oakland
5495 Claremont Ave
Ste A

(between Clifton St & Grove Shafter Fwy)
Oakland, CA 94618
Brow Lounge
Neighborhoods: Rockridge, North Oakland
5916 College Ave
Oakland, CA 94620

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4 Responses to Bling Out Your Brazilian Wax: Try a Jewel-zilian

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  2. Layered Hairstyles August 27, 2010 at 1:19 pm

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  3. Mz More August 27, 2010 at 12:49 pm

    This is way cool for a special occasion. I may have to try this. Great post!

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