Beauty News (Redux): Another Call For Beauty Interns!

Beauty News (Redux): Another Call For Beauty Interns!

The response to our initial ad, posted back in September, was so nice we had to do it twice! Many thanks to everyone who liked, shared, and tweeted about our call for interns. We have some incredible talent on board and want to invite more interns to join our team. Please be sure to share this with anyone who might be interested!

If you've been a fan of Blinging Beauty and want to go from a casual reader to an actual contributor, you're in luck! Blinging Beauty is looking for passionate, opinionated, beauty-obsessed interns who are web-savvy, love all things creative, and want to share their voice with the world!

This is a unique opportunity to gain exposure to the beauty industry and get valuable hands-on experience at a rapidly growing beauty business. We are currently hiring interns in everything from business to PR to social media marketing. What is your area of expertise?

Here are the available positions:

PR/ Communications

-Graphic Design

-Social media




This internship is also a great fit if you’re a beauty professional who wants to cross over into media and has a talent for writing!

Necessary Qualifications:

-Excellent writing skills, must have previous experience
-Quick learner with strong organizational and leadership skills, initiative, and maturity
-Knowledge of Microsoft Office, Google Docs

-Passion for beauty, makeup and all things glamorous

-Prior experience and excellent understanding of social media, proficient in working on all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter
-Must be dependable, enthusiastic, and professional

Daily and Weekly Tasks:

-Assist editors in writing blog posts
-Help manage social media accounts
-Assist with blog updates and calendar updates
-Internship will run between 3-6 months, 10-25 hours per week, depending on projects


While this internship is unpaid, there are a number of perks you'll receive, including:

-Credit for contributing to nationally recognized beauty e-zine
-Opportunity to work directly with beauty expert Tracey Brown and her executive team
-Press attendance to events
-(For writers and designers) Regularly published content, build a great portfolio
-Free beauty products for review
-Learn through firsthand experience how a beauty e-zine functions on a daily basis, and assist with this process directly
-Internship has great potential to transition into a long-term position

Here's How To Apply:

1.  Send an email to

2.  In the email, please ATTACH your resume, and send us a few sentences about why you'd be an excellent Blinging Beauty intern. Were you born to do this? What is your area of expertise? What are your professional goals? Is there anything that might set you apart from other candidates, i.e. previous beauty blogging experience, internships, etc.?

3.  If you are applying for a writing or graphic design internship, please attach a few writing samples or simply include a link to your website or blog.

Thank you and stay beautiful!

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