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Headlines: Sexy, Summer Curls with International Hair Company Deep Wave Hair

Headlines: Sexy, Summer Curls with International Hair Company Deep Wave Hair

With the weather getting warmer and the days getting longer, who wants to spend all day (or night) in front of the mirror, curling iron in hand, taming the mane? This season, I am on the mission to find a low maintenance style that combines my easy-going yet stylish personality. I’m normally one who opts for wigs, but I wanted to try something new and get a sew-in weave. As a fan of curly hair, I did some research online for some good quality virgin curly hair and came across International Hair Company.

International Hair Company sent me two (2) of their  Virgin Indian Remy Deep Wave bundles in 18″ and 20″ and  one (1) 14″ Curly Closure  to review. Because I’m natural and didn’t want  to leave any of my hair (hence, why I love wearing wigs), getting a closure was a perfect choice. I couldn’t wait to share my fabulous experience with the hair with you guys!

ProductPic_DeepWave2About International Hair Company Virgin Indian Remy Deep Wave:

Virgin hair can be styled and colored to your desire. This hair comes curly and can be flat ironed or curled. This fun and curly style is a low-maintenance solution to your desire to “finger” through your hair without the fuss of tangling and matting. This hair is used for full body curly look

About International Hair Company Curly Closure:

This curly closure will match all of our curly hair from medium curly to deep wave and will even blend in with the kinky. You can’t go wrong with beautiful Remy hair.

 My Results:

After my initial install, I had two words: LOVE IT! What really struck me about the hair was the really defined curl pattern.  Though I like straight hair, this deep wave looks very natural and is perfect for my no-flatiron-owning lifestyle. Can you tell that I’m wearing a closure? NOPE. Another plus for this hair.  I left a slither of hair out in the front so that the lace closure could blend seemlessly with my hairline.

It is very easy to “finger” through the hair and so far I have had very minimal shedding and almost NO tangling, which is great being that this is curly hair. The hair came with hair instructions to keep it moisturized so at night I lightly spritz it with a conditioner + water mix and braid the hair into loose braids. Then, I seal with argan oil and cover my hair with a silk bonnet.

The only negative drawback was that the curly closure and deep wave bundles’ hair texture did not match at first. I quickly fixed this by curling the hair in the closure with a 1″ barrel Remington Curling Wand to give the front  defined curls like the rest of the hair.

After my first wash:

About two weeks after first installing the hair, it was time to finally shampoo and condition the hair for the first time. had been doing alot physically and knew the hair was getting a bit dry. After shampooing and conditioning, I let the hair air dry. T0 my surprise, the hair texture changed a bit. I didn’t have as tight of a “deep wave” pattern as I had before but more of a tightier, kinkier curl, which I loved too. This even looked a bit more natural the original state of the hair.

Overall, I am really loving the quality of this hair and the texture. Coupled with a VERY realistic closure, I’ll probably be wearing this install for a while. One plus of this hair is that it straightens beautifully. I went to a wedding and straightened and pincurled the hair.


I would  have LOVED to have 3 bundles for an even fuller look, but there’s always a next time!

To check out a review of the hair I did right after I first installed it, click here.

I recommend this hair to anyone who is looking for a easy maintenance curly hair style.

Bling Factor:

Pro: Low Maintenance, non-tangling, minimal shedding quality hair texture and defined curl patterns. Straightens wonderfully!
Con: Curly closure was originally different texture than bundle hair. After conditioning, the two textures blended better.
Price: Prices range from $139-199/bundle depending on length. 
Buy Again: Yes
Packaging: 4 Blings
Overall: 5 Blings
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