Mommy Minimalist Must-Have: Glowology Moisturizing Body Bar

Mommy Minimalist Must-Have: Glowology Moisturizing Body Bar

Call me old-fashioned, but I simply love a good bar soap. Creamy, smooth, fresh, fragrant- a moisturizing body bar has long been a necessary part of my daily cleansing ritual. 

I guess I got it ‘honest’—my mom is similarly traditional in her bathing routine, so I grew up with Dove beauty bar. The white, oval-shaped soap took up permanent residence in our bathroom. Just the familiar scent alone brings back memories! 

Unfortunately, I also inherited my mom's temperamental skin, which doesn't always take well to most scented cleansers, beloved bar soaps included. We are both afflicted with a weird combination of sensitive, painfully dry, breakout-prone skin that requires a seriously hydrating yet gentle formula. With this in mind, when I recently ran out of my usual soap, I reached something new—Glowology Moisturizing Body Bar for Sensitive Skin.

Here's the deets for Glowology Moisturizing Bar for Sensitive Skin: 

The claim:

Highly moisturizing formula leaves the most sensitive skin honey sweet and deliciously soft. Gentle soap-free base rebalances skin's natural pH to ensure that skin is not dry or tight feeling. Clinically-tested and hypoallergenic, this gentle beauty bar is formulated with natural ingredients to soothe, moisturize and refresh the skin as it cleans. Our special non-soap formulation washes off thoroughly, leaving skin amazingly soft. Purely addictive. 

My experience: 

After reading the ingredient list, I had high expectations and wasn’t disappointed. This Moisturizing Body Bar contains such goodies as shea butter, honey, vitamins E and B, and pure sugar. The honey fragrance is pleasantly sweet and lingers on the skin.

The generously sized round bar gives a great lather without drying, which I loved. The Moisturizing Body Bar really did live up to its claims—it is indeed addictive. I enjoy this soap so much, not only do I use it every time I shower, but I also use it to wash my hands.

Another bonus is that a portion of the proceeds from each sale go toward improving the lives of children in need.

Bling Factor:
Generous size, moisturizing, pleasant fragrance, benefits a charity
Buy Again: Yes
Price: $8
Packaging: 4 Blings
Overall: 4 Blings

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