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Ask Tracey

Ask Tracey: How Do I Determine the Shape of My Eyebrows

One of my blog readers recently asked a question on the Ask Tracey section of Blinging Beauty. Here is her question: From Tanya Q. How does one determine what shape eyebrow is better suited for their face. For instance I have a round face. Should they be thick, thin, squared, arched. I don’t know. Well, […]

Ask Tracey: What Body Bronzer Should I Use?

I received this question today in Ask Tracey: Hi Tracey, I going to LV, NV this Aug.for my B-day and I want an all over Body glow like Jada P. and Mary J. What would you recommend as a body prep so my Body Bronzer will look good. I have made my choose on which […]

Ask Tracey: Help — Wax Attack!

On the Ask Tracey section of my blog, I was asked about those pesky white bumps that sometimes appear after waxing.  Have you had that experience?  You shouldn’t… Arlice Nicole asked: I have a dilemma. I’ve only had my eyebrows arched once, so I decided to treat myself and do it again. Two days later, […]