Tracey’s Picks: Blogs Posts I Actually Read This Week

I read lots of blogs, beauty and others. I appreciate that everyone has their point of view and some spot-on reviews and advice when it comes to beauty.  And I particularly enjoy when I feel a smile appear on my face.  Or better yet,  I let out my signature laugh.  (It’s pretty obnoxious)  Here are the top 5  blogs I enjoyed this week:

Diva Debbi’s review of  Maybelline‘s new mascara  The Falsies Volum’ Express. Let me just say, I’ll take her word for it…

The Girls in the Beauty Department (Glamour). I just loved the headline on this blog, and the content turned out to be a great read:  Three Awesome, Do-Not-Try-at-Home Beauty Looks From Sydney Fashion Week That Really Float My Boat

Coco & Creme confirms that my belief that blondes have more fun.  I am addicted to my blonde highlights.  And when I was sporting a full mane of blonde hair, my alter-ego was in full effect.  (Or is that affect?  Where is my AP style book when I need it? I think I need a dash there too.  Full-effect.) Even though that huge blonde hair I was fearlessly rocking a few years back was post-marriage-break-up-mid-life-crisis hair, I was having big fun.  Never-pay-for-a-drink-at-the-bar-fun.   Check out 5 Black Blond Bombshells.

So we all know by now that Kimora Lee Simmons got the boot resigned from Phat Pharm so it’s old news.  But, Danielle, over at The Black Snob, there was a little inside dish on the matter from Page Six.  Loved reading it, and you will too. Kimora Lee Simmons Fired For Using Up All The Photoshop?

I was a guest blogger for Jaime at Bionic Beauty months ago and I still visit her site.  I have to admit that I love the way she compiles the weeks drugstore sales (Bionic-Economics)– it saves me going through all those sale papers.  This week she had a question for her readers:  Bionic Asks: How do you describe yourself? So of course I had to weigh in with my top 5 descriptive words.  I’m terrified to think what those closest to me would say…

Five words to describe myself:
1. obsessive
2. compulsive (can i combine that with 1 for one word)
3. imaginative
4. fun(ny) >i made 2 words in case 1 and 2 equal 1. Hahahah. 1+2=1 Can my geeky chemistry major daughter figure that one out?
5. writer ( I have kept a journal since I read Harriet the Spy. So around 45 years…)

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