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Camille’s Crush: Wet ‘N’ Wild Color Icon Trio in Silent Treatment

Camille’s Crush: Wet ‘N’ Wild Color Icon Trio in Silent Treatment

Palettes are the way to go when it comes to purchasing eyeshadow.  Unfortunately, all too often you get only one or two colors in the palette that you like and it's pretty much a waste of money. Or, the palettes are so pricey that it's hard to part ways with your precious bucks for more makeup.

Fortunately, Wet 'N' Wild has a solution for both of these conundrums—The Icon eyeshadow trios.  Not only are they color coordinated, but they are inexpensive.  Prefect for a penny-pincher like me!

Company Claims:

Coordinating trio shades takes the guesswork out of creating the perfect eye look. The "how to" palettes are created to highlight, define, and accentuate specific eye colors to create unique looks.

Why it's Tried and True: The shadows have an extremely smooth texture making the application seamless. The color pay off was fantastic, not only for an inexpensive product, but for any brand or price range! Talk about easy and refreshing on the budget!

Another tip your BBFs want to let you in on – From the 12 trio palettes Wet'N'Wild has to choose from, many of the colors are the EXACT dupes to the more expensive brands. But don't let anyone know we told you…. Although conveniently sized, Wet'N'Wild packs in so much product, for around $3 you'd think the price scanner made a much appreciated mistake! Every Frugal Femme is running to make this purchase. Don't miss out. Get right or get left!

Where to buy it: Your local drugstore!

Pros: Wonderful pigment, smooth consistency, blends well, great price, good for travel

Cons: None

Buy Again: Yes

Price: Up to $3

Packaging: 5 Blings

Overall: 5 Blings

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