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What I’m Loving Now: Limited Edition Mika For Shu Whitefficient Cleansing Oil

What I’m Loving Now: Limited Edition Mika For Shu Whitefficient Cleansing Oil

Cleansing is a necessary part of my daily skin care routine. Twice daily – I cleanse, treat and moisturize. It’s rare that I get all hyped over a cleanser. I mean rare…

Well, I had one of those rare moment just recently with Shu Uemura Mika for Shu  Whitefficient Clear Brightening Gentle Cleansing Oil.  Now, I have used some cleansing oils that I truly loved. But this Shu Uemura cleansing oil just takes it to a whole new level.  Not to mention the bottle by artist Mika Ninagawa which looks oh so lovely sitting on my bathroom counter.

What I'm Loving Now: Limited Edition Mika For Shu Whitefficient Cleansing OilAbout Limited Edition Mika For Shu Whitefficient Cleansing Oil:

For dull skin complexion, removing melanin-filled dead cells is the first step in brightening care. fortified with the Ultimate Removal System, our latest development, the lightly textured formula effectively removes accumulated melanin and heavy make-up.

Empowered with our advanced brightening technology this brightening cleansing oil contains an innovative combination of Mito-White Complex and Vitamin C to help prevent the accumulation of melanin deep within. Day-after-day, the skin looks clarified and brightened with an even-toned complexion.

My results:

Mika For Shu Whitefficient Cleansing Oil is hands-down the loveliest cleanser I have used to date. It cleanses my skin without stripping.  The oil smells like heaven (if heaven has a smell…)

How I used this cleansing oil:

This cleanser is an experience; it makes cleansing a joy. So, I massage the cleansing oil in over my entire face and neck, including my eyes to remove makeup.  I take my time, concentrating on getting a nice flow of blood to the surface of my skin. After spending some time working this sweet-smelling cleanser into my skin, I simply wet my hands with lukewarm water and work the cleanser into an emulsion.  Then I rinse and finish my skin care regimen.

My skin feels soft, supple and hydrated.  Clean, but not “squeaky clean.” As a matter of fact, one day I went without moisturizing simply because my skin felt so great and I forgot to add moisturizer!

Some oil cleansers are so difficult to remove as they do not emulsify easily when water is added.  Not so with Whitefficient Cleansing Oil. This cleanser also removes waterproof makeup without irritating my eyes – it just rinses right off.

I haven’t used it long enough to know about the brightening benefits, but I do know that my skin is glowing after cleansing.  Big bonus points!

Mika For Shu Whitefficient Cleansing Oil may seem pricey but it is so worth it.

Bling Factor:

Pro: Cleanses without stripping, removes eye makeup, hydrates, sweet smell, beautiful bottle

Con: None

Price: $81 for 450 ml. (over 15 ounces)

Buy Again: Yes

Packaging: 5 Blings

Overall: 5 Blings

Hero Ingredient(s): Prune extract, Algae white, Ceramide white

Natural/Organic/Vegan: No

Cruelty Free: No

Free Limited Edition MIKA makeup pouch + free shipping on orders over $50 – code MIKAPOUCH (4/14-4/20)



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