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Tracey’s Picks: Blogs Posts I Actually Read This Week

I read lots of blogs, beauty and others. I appreciate that everyone has their point of view and some spot-on reviews and advice when it comes to beauty.  And I particularly enjoy when I feel a smile appear on my face.  Or better yet,  I let out my signature laugh.  (It’s pretty obnoxious)  Here are […]

Ask Tracey: What Body Bronzer Should I Use?

I received this question today in Ask Tracey: Hi Tracey, I going to LV, NV this Aug.for my B-day and I want an all over Body glow like Jada P. and Mary J. What would you recommend as a body prep so my Body Bronzer will look good. I have made my choose on which […]

San Francisco CBS Consumer Report: I’m a Beauty Expert!

I taped a segment for our local San Francisco CBS affiliate a few weeks ago and it finally aired yesterday. Click here to see the video. Tips To Selecting Drugstore Anti-Aging Products Reporting Sue Kwon E-mail SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) ― lides of totalIm Browsing the skin care aisle at your drug store could take quite […]

How to Look 40 at 50 — 5 Easy Steps

A couple summers ago, I was renting a car for work, and the agent looked at my license and said “Happy birthday!” I replied, “Oh, thanks, it’s just another day.” Then he looked at me, and looked at the license and said, “Wow, I guess 50 must be the new 30.” Yes, he said 30. […]

How to Be the Bomshell – 5 Steps

How to Be the Bomshell – 5 Steps

You have seen her.  She just walks in the room and all eyes are fixated on her.  She just plain drop-dead gorgeous, exudes confidence and you want to hate her, but you can't because she's a natural.  She's a bombshell.  Not talking the bombshells that necessitate an entourage of hair and makeup artists, stylists, publicists and […]