Take Your Makeup from Office to Happy Hour — 5 Makeup Fast Tips

martiniIt’s Friday, and if you live in a cubicle, no doubt you may be headed to your lovely or not-so-lovely watering hole after work to wind down after a long work week with to enjoy gossip and a cocktail with your friends.  Make mine a Belevedere martini with a twist.  MMMMMM……

But who wants to look like the girl they were when they came into the office at happy hour?  Or worse yet, the girl who has toiled for hours behind her computer or for her cranky boss?  Try these few quick steps to give your makeup some punch (not like you have been punched) and get you noticed!

1.  Clean up!

I keep a couple q-tips in my makeup bag.  Dip a q-tip into foundation, concealer or moisturizer and remove all traces of the day’s makeup around your eyes. 



2.  Re-apply concealer or foundation around eye area.

This give you a fresh clean canvas around the eye area. My favorite concealer these days is Lorac Double Feature, concealer and highlighter in one.  It’s a 5 bling product!

3.  Give your eyes a lift.

I keep a couple liners in my makeup kit.  Re-line your eyes with your liner of choice.  Then smudge a bit of shadow into the line to set it.  For a little more drama line under eyes too and remember to smudge with your shadow.  The bond of powder to the wax in your liner makes it last a bit longer.  Touch up mascara.  Add a sheer highlight to browbone. My Lorac concealer highlighter works for this step as well.

4.  Give cheeks some glow.

Add a touch of color to your cheeks.  Nothing says “My blood is rushing through my veins” like a cheery cheek.  You can’t go wrong with NARS or Laura Geller blushes.  NARS Orgasm and Lovejoy work for everyone as does Laura Geller’s Sunswept and Golden Apricot.  They are pigment potent, deposit color and give the most subtle glow.  I sometimes layer these Lovejoy and Sunswept.  Yes, I’m a blush freak.

5.  Gloss up lips.

Unless you are doing a dramatic red lip, gloss up your lips with your favorite.  I love Stila lipglaze.  They are shiny yet tacky enough to last awhile. Try Brown Sugar a shimmery gold nude or Banana, a shimmery gold.

Toss your hair around for that carefree look and order up your Cosmo!  Your look is 100% blinging.


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