Product Review: Perricone MD Skin Clear Hydrator

Product Review:  Perricone MD Skin Clear Hydrator

Anyone with  acne-prone skin flinches at the thought of a wet product beyond H2O touching their skin.

I know this fear all too well—ao many times have I tried to oil-pat-blend in a dry patch while getting dolled up the next morning…um, not a pretty sight. Many dry scabs later, I now know all skin types need hydration, moisture.

I know, I know that sounds like blasphemy from the pit of all things untrue where acne is concerned. Truth is, skin being deprived of proper hydration internally and externally actually exacerbates acne.

Forever on the hunt for new products mid-bottle of not-so-old products, I stumbled across Perricone MD Skin Clear Hydrator. Okay, I didn’t really stumble across; I was already lurking Dr. Perricone’s website.

However, the name cued all kinds of music for me—pure genius even if the product isn’t, right? I don’t know one person who doesn’t aim to have clear skin and definitely no one is begging for dry (think— looking old) skin. In those three words I heard:  fresh, tight, unclogged, youthful, dewy skin. Hello! So, after entering my card number, a few days later I was ready to try my latest love.

Before I spill my guts, here is the claim for Perricone MD Skin Clear Hydrator:

Skin Clear Hydrator encourages regeneration and renewal of skin's appearance, giving it a smoother and healthy looking surface. DMAE is added to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while providing firming benefits. With continued use, skin will appear more soft and clear. It's also formulated especially for oily skin with Allatoin, which helps to reduce surface debris while relieving dryness and increasing skin's natural moisture.

My results:

I washed my face as normal and applied toner. The directions suggested applying liberally. Well, I did, though shelving out over 50 bucks had me beyond skeptical of wasting product. Anyway, the pleasant scent didn’t disappoint neither did the consistency of the white, thin substance once I slathered it across my face in gentle circular motions (per directions). My skin felt like it took a deep breath just after a few minutes. It wasn’t shiny nor was it tingly from cohabitating with my previous products.

My skin looked calm. Over time, my skin seemed to be more balanced and I didn’t have to use as much as I did initially. The only issue I could possibly muster is the 50 bucks, but the product lasts 3 months easily and it works; so, no issue after all.


Bling Factor:

Pros:  Balances skin, No harsh smell, Doesn't leave skin shiny or oily

Cons: None
Buy Again: Signed up for auto delivery!
Price: $55
Packaging:5 blings—Dark amber, glass container (less likely to be damaged by sun, temperature) with tiny spatula, fingers not needed
Overall: 5 Blings


Face Oil/Blemish Control by N.V. Perricone at ShopStyle



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